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Are you tired of the same old boring gym? Try sportainment, the new way of doing physical activity while having fun and keeping your dedication!

The phenomenon of sportainment is more and more common! There are already a lot of classes already for 2019. During these activities, you can try new sports or the classic ones, but with a modern twist. The main factor is fun.

The most negative factors when you exercise at the gym are boredom and routine, which cause lack of perseverance. This is why this new phenomenon puts together sports and entertainment. Exercising is combined with a playful effect to get a winning formula and great results for our body.

Sportainment: sports and fun merge for us to be diligent when exercising!

Sportainment: exercising without getting bored is the new trend!
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This phenomenon bases upon its activities emotions, funs, entertainment, the playful aspect and much more. In fact, it is not important to win and to overcome others, but it to feel new emotions when exercising, other than sharing an experience and being part of a group.

Indeed, it is essential to go from individual lessons to group ones, in order to share the emotions. It often becomes boring to follow the same gym class two or three times a week, However, it is much more fun to try unique and always different activities.

This new trend is all the rage on social networks. Among its various activities, there is the fun & run, that is a funny marathon; the New York Pizza Run, that is marathon where you eat a pizza at each stop; the color run, where people throw colorful powders. There are also other activies, such as yoga in the parks, outdoor activities which combine dances, sports activities and music of every kind and much more.

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