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Spots on the face: 6 natural methods to eliminate them

Spots on the face

Let’s see how to eliminate the spots on the face, using some natural remedies that our grandmothers have handed down to us.

The spots on the face are due to excessive melanin production and can have various causes, including advanced age, unprotected sun exposure, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances and acne outcomes.

Eliminating them completely is not easy, but using grandmother’s remedies , which are completely natural, it is possible to lighten them. Let’s see which are the most effective.

Spots on the face: grandma’s remedies

Spots on the face
Spots on the face

Rosehip oil. This oil is famous for its elasticizing and regenerating properties, which make it excellent for preventing and eliminating wrinkles and stretch marks . However, it can also be used to lighten dark spots on the skin. Apply a few drops on your clean face morning and evening and after a few weeks you will start to see the results.

Hydrogen peroxide. 3% hydrogen peroxide (the one used to disinfect wounds) is very effective on skin blemishes. Apply it every evening on the affected area, helping yourself with a cotton pad. If the skin becomes red or irritated, stop the treatment.

• Lemon juice. One of the most effective natural remedies for lightening blemishes is lemon juice. Apply a few drops on the discoloration in the evening before bed, diluting it in a little rose water if you have very sensitive skin.

Gentian root. Use the dried gentian root to prepare a decoction, with which to make compresses on the skin affected by the spots.

Sodium bicarbonate. Baking soda exfoliates and lightens the skin. Mix it with a little water, until you get a thick batter, to be used on wet face as a common exfoliant.

Apple cider vinegar. A final remedy to try to eliminate the speckles on the face is apple cider vinegar. Dilute a tablespoon of vinegar in two tablespoons of water and apply the mix on a clean face.

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