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Spots on the skin after tanning? Here’s how to get rid of them

Cream on the legs

With the end of summer it is customary to deal with the spots that the tan leaves on the skin, making it even less soft and hydrated.

Therefore, it may be necessary to have some useful advice at hand to remove the damage caused by the sun and restore the skin to be radiant and healthy.

Cream on the legs

How come the spots on the skin come out and how to avoid them?

The main causes of light spots on the skin are due to either the wrong use of self-tanners or an abnormal skin reaction linked to the disappearance of the tan . The first thing to do in these cases is to moisturize the skin with oils and creams, in order to soften the skin dehydrated by the sun, helping it to fight the stress of tanning.

There are also other tricks to remove tan spots , namely:

  • Make delicate scrubs by mixing honey and sugar, to be passed on damp skin, in the tub or in the shower. With a single application the skin will be soft and velvety, free of skin and dead cells. The important thing when exfoliating the body is to always make gentle movements, so as not to irritate the skin and damage it further.
  • Make compresses based on lemon, cucumber and rose water, decongestants, astringents and lighteners. Just rub the mixture on the skin to get a healthy and beautiful complexion. Another miraculous compress is the one based on milk and flour, an old recipe from grandmothers, to be left to act on the skin for about 30 minutes and to be removed with warm water. Equally refreshing and purifying are coconut water and aloe vera.
  • Another precaution to follow is to moisturize the skin before, during and after sun exposure . This advice is more preventive than curative but it is certainly essential to reduce the likelihood of the appearance of skin spots.
  • Many spots passed off as sunscreens are actually due to alcohol-based cosmetics and perfumes, which in contact with the sun color the skin irregularly. In fact, when you are exposed to the sun it is recommended to remove any traces of make-up avoiding vaporizing perfumes of various kinds, unless they are suitable for use on the beach.

In other cases, however, the color changes are a symptom of pityriasis versicolor (beach fungus) more evident in the summer months, with tanned skin. In children, on the other hand, intense exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause the appearance of pityriasis alba , while in elderly people cases of idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis may occur.

In all the cases indicated above, to prevent the appearance of light spots, it is good to act promptly against ultraviolet rays, opting for sunscreen suitable for your skin phototype, avoiding exposure during the hottest hours of the day. In this way, headaches, sunstrokes, sunburn and sunburn will also be avoided. Those who want to act in a deeper way can also opt for food supplements, which are useful for maintaining healthy skin pigmentation .

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