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Spring cleaning, for the body … with diet and detox advice!

Detox diet in 5 days

Let’s see how to cleanse the body during the change of season, with spring tips and detox diet.

Usually when the winter ends we dedicate ourselves to spring cleaning in the house. To better face the new season, however, we should also dedicate a few weeks of deep cleaning to our body, which needs to eliminate the toxins and the extra kilos accumulated in winter.

Spring detox is a healthy habit that our grandmothers have passed on to us and to put it into practice it is enough to have a healthy diet, based on seasonal foods, and exercise. Here are some tips.

Spring detox diet: what it consists of

Detox diet , not fasting! To lose the pounds accumulated during the winter you need to follow a diet, but not too drastic. We advise you to always contact a nutritionist to have a personalized diet and avoid those found around the web, especially the very restrictive ones. Also, avoid skipping meals and fasting for a few days: not only would it not help you lose weight, but it would also put your health in serious danger.

Detox diet in 5 days
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– Eat plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables. To detoxify the liver and intestines and to get rid of excess fluids, eat many diuretic vegetables, such as artichokes, asparagus, fennel, carrots and broccoli. Also eat lots of fruit, especially citrus fruits and kiwis, rich in vitamin C, and pineapple, which is excellent for fighting water retention. You can use fruit and vegetables to prepare a detox smoothie or detox water.

– Choose the right foods. Replace refined cereals with whole grains, sugar with honey, red meat with white meat, whole milk and mature cheeses with skimmed (or vegetable) milk and fresh light dairy products. Eat plenty of blue fish, eggs (no more than twice a week), sprouts, legumes, dried fruit (especially almonds and walnuts) and fermented foods. Eliminate alcohol, sweets, very fatty, packaged and fried foods.

– Get moving. If you can’t go to the gym, try to walk as much as possible, at least half an hour a day every day.

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