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Stained clothes? Try an aspirin in the washing machine …

Washing machine

To have a clean and shiny laundry without stains or streaks, you can try using aspirin in the washing machine or soaking: let’s see how!

Have you tried them all but can’t get rid of stains from clothes after countless washes and products of all kinds? Try aspirin. As bizarre as it may seem, it will give you some surprising results .

You will have to add it to the washing machine together with the clothes that you cannot remove and at the end of the washing your clothes will be as good as new. This method will not only help you remove stains , but also give a new life to yellowed and dull- colored garments .

Ideal for white and light colored garments, it is to be absolutely avoided with black garments that would fade from the chemical reaction given by aspirin. Let’s find out how to use it while washing and what are all the benefits for laundry!

Washing machine
Washing machine

Why use aspirin for laundry?

First, it fights grayness and halos . If you have a white t-shirt stained with sweat or with traces of halos that have not gone away after washing, you just have to try the aspirin treatment. Soak your garment in aspirin overnight and it will be as good as new the next morning.

It is also ideal against stubborn stains and particularly effective on grease, grease and fried stains. If the stain is fresh, wash it immediately in the washing machine with aspirin and it will go away the first time you wash it.

Do not use this method for removing blood stains or for cotton clothes: not only will it not go away, but it will become even more visible and difficult to get rid of .

How to use aspirin for laundry?

There are two methods to use it: soaking or in the washing machine .

-In the first case you will have to dissolve 5 tablets of 325 milligrams in seven liters of hot water. When the aspirin is completely dissolved, soak the clothes to be removed and let it rest for a few hours. The ideal is a full night or 7 to 9 hours. After the soaking period, proceed with a normal hand wash or machine wash. If necessary, insist on the area where the stain was, adding a teaspoon of baking soda . Let it soak in and rinse to remove residue.

– If, on the other hand, you prefer a faster wash, you can use aspirin in the washing machine. Even in this case, however, the tablets cannot be inserted entirely. You will need to dissolve them in warm water and add the mixture to the basket.

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