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Stained clothes? Try with an aspirin in the washing machine!

Stained clothes? Try with an aspirin in the washing machine!

In order to have clean, shiny and spotless clothes, you can try using an aspirin in the washing machine: let’s see how!

You have tried hundred of times with hundreds of different products, but you just can get rid of that spot on your favourite dress. it’s time to try with aspirin! It seems weird, but the result will be surprising. Add it in your washing machine, together with your clothes, and you will obtain clothes as clean as if they were new!

This method will help you not only to get rid of spots, but also to refresh your yellowed and faded clothes. Although this method is perfect for light-colored and white clothes, do not use it with dark-colored or black ones! The chemical reaction of the aspirin will only make their color fade. Let’s find out how to use this product to wash our clothes!

Why using an aspirin to do the laundry?

First of all, it fights greyness and spots. If your white shirt has sweat rings or pit stains, the only thing you can try is the aspirin method.

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Soak your shirt in a bowl with water and an aspirin and let sit all night long. In the morning, it will look definitely better!

This method is amazing against persistent spots and very efficient on greasy stains. If the spot is fresh, wash it immediately in the washing machine with the aspirin, and it will disappear. Do not use this method to get rid of blood stains or for cotton clothes, because the stains will just become more visible and difficult to get rid of.

How to use this method for your laundry?

There are two methods: you can let your clothes soak, or you can use the washing machine.

In the first case, mix 5 tablets of aspirins in 7 liters of hot water. When homogeneous, soak your clothes for a few hours. It is better to wait all night long, or from 7 to 9 hours. After that, you can hand wash them or put them in the washing machine. If necessary, you can further treat the spot with a teaspoon of baking soda. Let the fabric absorb it and rinse to eliminate residues.

Instead, if you prefer a quicker washing, you can use the aspirin directly in your washing machine. However, you cannot put the tablets whole: you need to melt them in lukewarm water and pour this mixture in the basket.

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