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Stale bread: how to recycle it so as not to throw anything away

stale bread

How to recycle stale bread: many tasty and original ideas to copy and modify at will to prepare sweet and savory recipes.

Once upon a time nothing was thrown away, much less the leftover bread. Grandmothers have always handed down recipes with stale bread making them delicious and delicious. Taking inspiration from simple recipes, others can be created and savory and sweet recipes of all kinds can be prepared.

From the classic tart, to meatballs to a chocolate cake, here are some recipes with stale bread to copy and modify as you wish.

stale bread
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Bread pie: the recipe

Cut the stale bread into cubes and put it in a bowl. Add a glass of milk, an egg, a handful of Parmesan and a pinch of salt. Mix everything with your hands until a homogeneous and full-bodied mixture is obtained. When ready, place two thirds of the mixture on a non-stick pan with a little oil. This will be the basis for your pie.

You can season it with what you like most, such as meats, cheeses and vegetables . Add oil, oregano and flavorings to taste. Cover everything with the rest of the bread. Cook in the pan with the lid for about ten minutes until it becomes golden brown. Cut and serve in slices when it is still hot and stringy .

Stringy bread balls: the recipe

Bread balls are excellent to personalize, for example with classic mozzarella , or with meat and vegetables . To prepare the basic dough, first put the bread to soak with water. Then add three eggs, very little breadcrumbs, parsley, parmesan, salt and pepper. Mix well until you get a compact dough. Take a piece and create a meatball. Then fill it with what you prefer and close it.

At this point you can decide whether to cook them with the classic fry, or in the oven for a lighter cooking .

Sweet recipes with stale bread

Delicious, soft and egg-free stale bread cake with chocolate . Use 300 grams of stale bread and soak it with a liter of milk. Occasionally turn over to better absorb the milk and let stand for about half an hour. Then add 30 grams of butter, 100 grams of brown sugar and 100 grams of 00 flour. Mix everything well and add the chocolate.

Pour into a pan greased with oil and bake at 200 ° C for 45 minutes .

This is a basic dough that you can modify as you prefer. Instead of cow’s milk, for example, you can use soy milk , or use three glasses of milk and a jar of ricotta .

Even the ’00 flour can be replaced with rice or corn flour to make it digestible to anyone. You just have to try and indulge yourself with your imagination!

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