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Start fighting cellulite in winter: the treatments to do now


Winter is the best time to fight cellulite. Let’s see what are the most suitable treatments for this season.

To eliminate cellulite permanently it takes months of diet, gym and treatments. Postponing everything until April, when summer is almost over, is completely useless. Winter is the best time to start fighting against this blemish, also because it is possible to resort to treatments that in the summer would be annoying, such as heating creams.

How to get rid of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks

The first thing to do to eliminate cellulite is to follow a healthy diet . The consumption of sugars and carbohydrates should be reduced, in favor of proteins, especially vegetable ones. Packaged and pre-cooked food, sausages, very fatty meat, carbonated drinks and alcohol must be eliminated. Then, every day, you have to drink two liters of water.


Winter is the right time to enjoy hot drinks, so take advantage of it to drink green tea and herbal teas that stimulate diuresis, i.e. dandelion, birch, horsetail, fennel, bermuda grass and hawkweed.

Do not forget exercise : walk as much as possible and do sports at least three times a week for an hour a day. The ideal is swimming , first of all because the movement in the water makes an effective massage on the thighs and buttocks, and then also because this sport trains and tones all the muscles.

The effective anti-cellulite creams are those with a cold and warm effect. Obviously, in winter we recommend the latter, which contain substances such as capsaicin, which reactivate the microcirculation, oxygenate the tissues and help to dispose of toxins and excess liquids.

Finally, in the winter months, professional aesthetic treatments should be done, especially if cellulite is very advanced. The best are mesotherapy, pressotherapy and lymphatic drainage massages.

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