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Stay Home Rules: Fedez and Yamamay together for a new cool and genderless capsule


Staying at home in style? Fedez takes care of it, designing a capsule collection exclusively for Yamamay.

The successful partnership Fedez- Yamamay had already begun a while ago, when the rapper officially became the brand’s digital ambassador last spring. This time, who knows if not also inspired by Ferry who knows a lot about the launch of new collections, Fedez has decided to create exclusively for Yamamay a capsule collection conceived and designed entirely by him. The mood is that of a super comfort line designed for the home , for everyone, therefore absolutely genderless , but so cool that in reality the Fedez sweatshirts would fit just fine on a pair of jeans.

Fedez x Yamamay: Stay Home Rules, the new capsule collection between multicolor and tie-dye

The rules of staying at home or the rule of staying at home, so we could try to translate the new genderless capsule collection signed in name and in fact by Fedez, which takes the name of Stay Home Rules . In fact, in this collection there is the synthesis of the lifestyle of the rapper and husband of Chiara Ferragni, who in his stories often shows how his home outfit is cool, comfortable and practical enough to be perfect for fulfilling his duties as a father. work and indulge in a little relaxation.

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Don’t worry, we are not inviting you to adopt the comfy style again by taking you back to when it was a rules considered the lockdown, but surely this collection can be a keystone for those who still work in smartworking or have always been. as his way of life , or simply for those who after a busy day want to treat themselves to a little relaxation by sinking into comfortable but cool garments.

Also considering Fedez’s passion for video games, the capsule was presented on social networks just as if the garments could be chosen as the characters of a video game are selected.

Sweatshirts, tracksuits, underwear: the pieces that make up the Stay Home Rules capsule and the prices

The Fedez capsule created for Yamamay includes bright shades, very delicate pastel colors and a comfortable line with an oversized cut: lilac, yellow, tie-dye shades of blue and green , we find colors that we have often seen wearing and preferring by Ferragnez. The novelty of this collection, designed for the whole family, is to be sold also in sets with a suit cut for the little ones and for the older ones. There are also some underwear for him, boxers and briefs that are always colored.

The prices of this limited edition collection are absolutely average: the sweatshirts cost € 39.99 , the trousers to match 29.95 euros for adults, while for children the price is respectively 29.95 euros and 19.95 euros. EUR. The plus-adult baby suit set instead has a cost of € 359.40. The collection can be purchased online and in Yamamay stores.

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