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Staying fit even at home: which diet to follow


Working from home also has consequences on nutrition as healthy foods are not always consumed. Let’s discover the smart working diet.

Smart working has now permanently entered the lives of many people, also thanks to the health emergency, and often this also affects the diet. In fact, due to the long period spent in front of the PC, often those who work from home tend to negatively change their eating habits . But practicing smart working does not mean giving up a diet or a healthy diet, even if you have the kitchen and refrigerator always available.Other equally critical factor are the individuals who eat in front of the PC or, for convenience, consume unhealthy or ordered foods. online from fast food restaurants. So let’s try to understand how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and understand how the smart working diet works.

Smart working diet: how it works

The smart working diet is not a real diet, but a set of practices and advice that help to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In any case, however, we can say that it focuses on immediate satiety and prolonged satiety.


In the first case we mean the perception of fullness that leads us to stop eating and therefore to finish the meal. While prolonged satiety is obviously longer and more typical than when we stop eating and potentially won’t lead us to take on more food. Precisely this sensation is what dictates the interval between one meal and the next.

However, it is good to try to maintain good eating behavior, which is regulated by these two factors and which allows you to ensure a balance between calorie intake and energy expenditure . But due to the period we are experiencing, other factors, just like smart working, can also influence eating habits.

When you work from home you may tend to eat more often or perhaps in front of the PC. Two of the fundamental points of the smart working diet are precisely managing meals , and therefore the sense of satiety, and dedicating the right time to the table and to eat. This not only serves to fully enjoy what you eat, but allows you to focus on the meal and avoid overeating.

computer work
computer work

In general, it is recommended to drink at least 1.5 or 2 liters of water a day, but we must remember that drinking only during meals is not enough. But do not despair, while you work, keep a bottle or a flask close by and remember, since you are at home you can take advantage and prepare herbal teas or infusions.

Smart working diet: what to eat

As with any diet, even in the case of smart working, there are some foods recommended to increase the sense of satiety and satisfaction . And there is one fundamental thing to take into account compared to other cases: the movement that obviously guarantees exactly like a balanced diet to stay in shape is missing.

First of all, however, it must be said that snacks, or snacks, are fundamental in this diet, because they help to break hunger, while remaining light.

In general, therefore, we must focus on light snacks that help us not to eat quickly, because as we have seen, haste is not a friend of satiety. You can therefore choose fruits, a jar of yogurt , some dried fruit or, if you like salty, a bruschetta with oil and tomato.

As for the other meals, a good source of complex carbohydrates are cereals and pseudocereals. They are very useful in the smart working diet as, during cooking, they absorb more water than pasta and, consequently, give a good sense of satiety. Another essential food is legumes , as they are foods rich in proteins and excellent substitutes for meat, fish, eggs and cheese. In addition, these foods also provide a lot of fiber which, by slowing down the functioning of digestion, increases the sense of satiety.

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