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Just heat water in a small pot to give many benefits to your skin: find out which ones!

The steam treatment is a well known technique, even though recently is not that used. You only need a pot, water and some scented essences to “treat” the skin of your face. It has a number of beneficial powers our skin occasionally needs.

Let’s find out together its benefits!

Steam bath: its benefits

In addition to the classic steam treatment at home, it is possible to enjoy a real steam bath in wellness centres. It benefits the whole body and not just your face! Here are the reasons why all of us should have a steam bath!

Steam treatment for the skin: 5 reasons why you should try it!
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-It is detoxifying. Especially if you work or live in a big city, pollution and smog may affect your skin. That’s why the steam bath, made at least once a week, can cleanse the skin from bacteria and toxins.

-For pores black and dilated. This treatment is perfect for deeply cleaning the skin of your face. It helps to eliminate once and for all all those annoying blackeads.

-Pre-treatment for anti-aging cream. Creams, especially anti-aging ones, penetrate more easily and with more intensity if you have a steam bath before! Remember to apply the cream with circular movements.

-Evening relax. One of the reasons to have this type of treatment at least once a week is giving your body wellness and relaxation. It’s a great way to dedicate time to your body and recover its well-being.

-Against oily skin and acne. People with oily and impure skin must try this treatment. It reduce inflammation especially if you add tea tree essential oil to the water. This product is  very good against acne and impure skin.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/modello-viso-donna-bruna-2539677/

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