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Stop mask acne? A beauty routine spray is the remedy

Spray for beauty routine against mask

How to fight that annoying and unsightly mask acne? Let’s discover the spray against the mask.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, wearing a mask (surgical, community or FFP2-3) has become an obligation for our health and for the people we meet every day (from family, to colleagues, to strangers). However, these PPE (personal protective equipment) are strongly undermining the beauty and health of the skin of the face: more and more people complain of suffering from masks! The remedy? A mask acne spray is born.

Let’s see better what this disorder consists of and above all how the spray works (and where to find it)!

Mask acne
Mask acne

What is mask acne or maskne

Very simple to define, much more difficult to eradicate. Mask acne are those outbreaks (the cursed pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples under the skin) that are inflamed and infected that occur on the face, where the skin cannot breathe. It is becoming so widespread that it has acquired a name of its own: it is called maskne.

Why and where does it occur? This is pore occlusion acne, and occurs mainly along the jaw, but also in the cheeks and chin. It derives from some differences that arise at the level of the face with prolonged use of the mask: it is an increase in humidity under the mask, but also an increase in the production of sebum and in the temperature of the skin under the protection. The skin feels oppressed and suffocated and, trying to return to the optimal situation, ends up venting into acne.

Spray for beauty routine
Spray for beauty routine

How the mask acne spray works

There are some precautions that, if used consistently, can prevent or eliminate the mask . Among these the first is absolutely the cleansing and the beauty routine to be performed every morning (and it would be better also in the evening) … but the new remedy is a mask acne spray (which is also found on Amazon). A moisturizing water that balances the skin’s PH and strengthens the skin barrier.

This spray would be able to moisturize the skin and more: also prevent and treat pimples and fix, if necessary, make up. What is the name of this lotion to spray on the face? Camaleon Cosmetics Maskné Repair Skin Defense Mist and is a brand of Spanish origin suitable for all skin types, from the driest to the combination and oily and can also be used on sensitive skin.

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