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Strawberry diet, for easy weight loss: this is how it works

Strawberry diet

The strawberry diet allows us to lose weight and deflate; also these fruits have a purifying action and fight cellulite!

When spring comes, it’s time for strawberries, a delicious fruit rich in properties. Those who love them must know that there is also the strawberry diet, which helps to lose weight easily, in addition to performing an anti-inflammatory and purifying action.

This diet is to be followed for a week. It is also important to know that strawberries have many properties, they are rich in vitamins B and C , in addition they help to combat cellulite and fight water retention, as well as prevent stretch marks . Let’s find out better how diet works and what you eat.

Strawberry diet example: what do you eat?

This fruit is rich in iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium , substances that are good for our body since they firm up, reactivate the metabolism , drain and perform many other functions that are excellent for health. Before starting the diet, ask the expert advice of your doctor to understand if it is a suitable food style for your body, also this is not suitable for those who suffer from allergies .

Strawberry diet
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What are we eating? On Monday for breakfast we eat 100 grams of strawberries with a glass of milk. For lunch, steamed chicken and beets, with a slice of wholemeal bread, while for dinner a mixed vegetable salad with the addition of strawberries. On Tuesday , breakfast remains unchanged, for lunch we eat blue fish with steamed potatoes and carrots, while for dinner we choose the mixed salad and end with a strawberry yogurt .

On Wednesday breakfast is the same, while for lunch we eat a salad with ham and a slice of toast. For dinner two eggs with spinach, plus five strawberries. On Thursdays we start with the usual breakfast, for lunch we eat legumes with vegetables to taste and the usual fruit, while for dinner a mixed salad plus strawberries. On Friday the traditional breakfast of the whole week, for lunch of blue fish with vegetables plus fruit, for dinner of fresh cheese with vegetables and strawberries.

The weekend starts with the usual breakfast that doesn’t change for the whole week. Saturday lunch is a vegetable soup with a slice of veal and bread. For dinner, a hard-boiled egg with vegetables, plus five strawberries. Sunday lunch with chickpea soup, vegetables and bread and for dinner a deep fried vegetables and strawberries.

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