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Strengthen the immune system: how to do it with the best natural remedies


Especially during the change of season, let’s see how to be able to get sick less and strengthen our immune defenses with natural remedies.

The change of season, cold, stress, wrong diet and excessive use of antibiotics are among the main causes of low immune defenses. To try to prevent ailments and strengthen the immune system, it is possible to resort to various natural remedies, all very effective and without side effects . Let’s see which ones are the best!

How to increase the immune system?

Healthy nutrition. The first thing to do to raise the immune defenses is to adopt a healthy and balanced diet . Avoid eating junk food, vary a lot of food, trying not to miss anything, especially fruit and vegetables. The best foods are those rich in vitamin C , such as citrus fruits, carrots, kiwis and tomatoes, but also ginseng and garlic which – according to popular wisdom – is excellent for preventing and treating seasonal ailments.

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Natural probiotics. To strengthen the immune system, the intestinal bacterial flora must be rebalanced with live lactic ferments. By improving the bacterial flora, the development of harmful microorganisms is hindered; moreover, the lactic ferments produce immunlobins. Unfortunately, not all the enzymes contained in yogurt can survive the acidic environment of the stomach, so the ideal is to take probiotic supplements, to buy at the pharmacy.

Immunostimulating plants. Excellent natural remedies to strengthen the defenses are black currant and dulcamara, which can be taken in the form of herbal teas, decoctions or supplements , to be purchased in herbal medicine.

Rest, sport and meditation. Stress weakens the immune system, so to become stronger and more resistant to ailments it is necessary to defeat it. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night and practice relaxing activities to relieve tension, such as yoga and meditation. Finally, to have a healthy body it is essential to play sports and give up a sedentary lifestyle.

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