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Strengthen your nails with nutrition: here’s what to eat!


Nutrition also has a great influence on nail growth: let’s find out together what to eat to harden the nails and make them more beautiful and stronger!

If we have brittle and weak nails, we probably have a vitamin or even protein deficiency problem. In fact, one of the most common causes for which nails weaken is precisely incorrect nutrition that is not healthy for the health of the nails (and also of the hair). To understand what to eat to harden the nails we must know that they require many vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, biotin and zinc : all nutrients that improve their appearance and make them much more beautiful and stronger!


What to eat to strengthen the nails

Among the foods to eat, therefore, we find the following: legumes, since they are rich in protein, iron and zinc, to be eaten at least twice a week (beans and lentils are preferred); salmon, rich in Omega fatty acids and vitamins, which should be eaten at least three times a week; whole grains, rich in vitamins, zinc and iron; spinach helps to regenerate the skin and is rich in vitamin C; flax seeds are also a real cure-all for the care of nails and hair; finally, carrots because they are rich in vitamin A, beta-carotene and antioxidants.

Brittle nails: what not to do

In addition to nutrition, we can pay attention to other factors to avoid further problems of fragility. First of all, we avoid cutting the nails but we gently file them only when necessary; we avoid the gel and other products that could interfere and make the nail even weaker and, obviously, we do not touch the skin that forms around the nail!

The problem of weak nails often arises also because of a bad habit: that of biting one’s nails. If we can’t stop, we can try resorting to some natural remedies

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