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Stressed skin after the summer? How to cure it with the right products

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After the sun and the sea of ​​summer it is important to take care of the skin in the right way, to repair the damage. Let’s see which are the best products and treatments.

In summer, thanks to the sun that gives us a golden tan, the skin seems to improve : pimples and imperfections from the face disappear, pallor leaves us, cellulite and stretch marks on the body appear less evident.

Too bad that when the summer ends and we go back to the city, the skin is not so beautiful. The tan begins to go away , we fill up with cuticles and the impurities, which had disappeared thanks to the sun, return more numerous than ever. How can this be remedied? Let’s find out together!

How to care for your skin after the summer

Woman face
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Let’s start with the face: in sunlight they often improve the appearance of the skin, making blackheads and pimples disappear. In fact, almost always in September there is a worsening of impurities , which return more numerous than before.

This is why it is important to exfoliate the skin with mechanical scrubs, face brushes such as Clarisonic or chemical peels, to be done by the dermatologist. In any case, exfoliation is also necessary for those with normal skin, to eliminate dead cells and sebum. In case of combination or oily skin, you should not give up hydration, preferring light moisturizing creams and gels , based on aloe vera. Dry and mature skin, on the other hand, must be nourished with creams rich in antioxidants .

As for the body, it is useless to try to prolong the tan without exfoliating: the scrub is essential to remove the cuticles! Use a do-it-yourself exfoliant made from olive oil and brown sugar, or a horsehair glove in the shower. To avoid drying out your skin, which has already been put to the test by the sun, replace the shower gel with a mild cleansing oil . Finally, don’t forget to always moisturize your skin with a good after-sun cream (yes, even if you don’t expose yourself anymore).

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