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Stylish and glamorous in the heat: this winter everything is possible!

Snow look

This year’s fashion trends are slim and crop, but to wear them you just need to strategically mix the garments for a cold-proof outfit.

The eternal struggle between winter and summer is also played out on fashion trends. By necessity in winter, double, padded and oversized garments seem to be the warm and comfy solution to avoid suffering from the cold, but with a certain detriment to style and a glamorous and personal look. In reality, this year’s catwalk trends seem to tell us exactly the opposite, letting slim and cropped garments dominate the scene, but the question that haunts us is, how to wear them?

Winter 2021/2022 fashion trends according to the catwalks: comfy and warm without sacrificing style

With the arrival of winter it seems that the possibility of enhancing the silhouette vanishes, giving way to padded duvets, double sweaters, high necks, sweaters on sweaters resigned in front of the mirror in the Michelin man effect. The lack of summer is also felt for this, yet the invitation of fashion this year is to rediscover a different winter , in contrast to that oversize comfy that has become a favorite trend for too long. Slim dresses, short skirts, sweaters and crop tops like those that invaded Miu Miu’s winter collection, to the point that some will be wondering if the designers have decided to make us feel cold.

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The provocation / proposal of fashion, on the other hand, must be seized on the fly and read in a decidedly optimistic perspective. The real secret to feeling good in winter is not to cover yourself with sweaters or bulky garments, but to choose the best fabrics : wool, cashmere, but also sweaters and bodies in thermal fabric can be a perfect alternative to turtlenecks, like the line made by Tezenis , versatile and practical.

Warm items to mix for a glamorous anti-cold outfit: Teddy coats, maxi cardigans, checked shirts

Starting from crop garments such as tops and sweaters in wool or cashmere, which by themselves are certainly not enough to cover us from the cold but with a coat or a down jacket everything changes decisively: so dare, wearing these minimal and slim garments in lengths with a coat Teddy or with enveloping thermal jackets like the Relish models.

– Revisit the maxi cardigan instead: Valentina Ferragni proposes to wear it with a sparkling waist belt transforming it into a mini dress that combined with a pair of cuissardes boots or ankle boots with stiletto heels ensures a super sexy effect, worn with both stockings or with a pair of leggings.

– Do you remember how much we told you about the great return of the shacket ? The grunge style flannel check shirt this year was a double investment: in autumn instead of a jacket, in winter it is perfect to wear on a wrap-around and low-cut bodysuit or on a satin mini slip dress, for a more original style. that can be admired enough even in winter.

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