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Suffering from a constant headache: we evaluate causes and remedies

woman head pain

The most persistent and continuous forms of headache risk seriously compromising the quality of life.

It has certainly happened to everyone, throughout their existence, to accuse the classic headache , better known as headache . We are talking about a light form, which with a simple over-the-counter medicine to fight migraine, erases the pain and restores the good mood.

Unfortunately, not all types of ailments can be eliminated with a sponge stroke. In fact, there are decidedly long-lasting headaches , which hit persistently and continuously and are particularly debilitating. Among the triggers of a stubborn form of head pain we find various factors, among which a possible physical or emotional stress , an incorrect diet , the abuse of some foods or of caffeine , or a drop in sugars stand out . Particularly intense smells and scents , as well as deafening noises and a bad relationship between sleep and wakefulness, can be the cause of the headache .

Those who point out that they suffer from headaches every day may have problems with inflammation of the meninges, a contracture or compression of the extracranial and cervical muscles , or have to do with compression, traction or inflammation of the cranial nerves . In the case of headaches, forms of traction, distension or dilation of blood vessels are also not rare.

With persistent forms of headache it is best to seek medical attention

A form of constant headache does not predict anything good and should make us think, even if it is in a mild condition. If the headache is stubborn and continues, it is best to consult a doctor, who will evaluate the symptoms and find the remedies.

The ‘intensity of pain should make us reflect on the underlying causes, especially you have to consider any associations with other symptoms such as the onset of fever, the appearance of neurological problems, including impaired vision, speech, and fatigue in the limbs.

If the headache does not pass even after taking analgesics , or specific drugs, it is better to proceed with a specialist visit. Even the most persistent types of headache are treatable , it is only necessary to identify the causes in time.

woman head pain
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The remedies for headaches: from drugs to natural solutions

The use of medications in case of headaches can offer valuable support as long as they are not abused. It is deeply wrong to wait for the headache to pass on its own, continuing to suffer in silence. But it is equally wrong to resort to anti-inflammatory drugs without a criterion . Taking the right drug, in the correct dosage, is essential to obtain positive results.

The alternative to drugs, in the case of less severe forms of headache, consider the use of natural remedies such as sipping an infusion based on lemon balm and passionflower , plants that have undisputed anti-inflammatory properties, drinking a herbal tea at feverfew , which has a clear relaxing effect on muscles and nerves, make use of the devil ‘s claw the anti-inflammatory plant par excellence.

Experts also suggest the use of Bach flowers to restore the right balance and solve problems related to anxiety, tiredness or stress. The list of natural remedies does not lack the use of aromatherapy , with the technique of massage to the temples and the use of a few drops of essential oil.

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