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Sukkar diet: here’s how to lose a bounty in three weeks

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The Sukkar diet is a diet that promises to lose a bounty over three weeks. Let’s find out how it works.

The Sukkar diet it is based on the fusion of two types of food: the Mediterranean and the Japanese. Designed by the nutritionist Samir Giuseppe Sukkar, it can be done in two different ways, one to maintain healthy weight and stay healthy and the other to lose up to 4 kilos of fat in just three weeks. The principle is to take a cue from two different feeding styles but united by the presence of healthy foods rich in beneficial properties.

How the Sukkar diet works

The basic principle of the Sukkar diet is to prefer healthy foods such as green tea , extra virgin olive oil, fish, tofu, legumes, cereals, fruit and vegetables. On the contrary, red meat and foods containing refined sugars are not recommended.

salmon and salad
salmon and salad

There are two variants, one of which is used to maintain weight through the consumption of the foods indicated above. The other, however, designed for those who want to lose weight provides for the alternation of one day of basic nutrition and one with few carbohydrates (only from fruit) and few fats (only from extra virgin olive oil).

In this way, you can lose up to 4 kilos over three weeks. The idea is to make 5 meals a day , inserting cereals and legumes or vegetables for lunch and protein vegetables for dinner.

Sukkar diet: the menu

Let’s try to understand what exactly a Sukkar diet day entails.
For breakfast there is green tea without sugar to which to combine two rice cakes or a yogurt with a little fruit.

For lunch you can opt for pasta (better wholemeal) with tofu and vegetables. At dinner, on the other hand, it is expected to consume about 150 grams of protein to accompany vegetables seasoned with extra virgin olive oil.
During the day there are also two snacks where it is advisable to eat fresh seasonal fruit.

If the basic diet can be a valid starting point to eat in a different but healthy way, if you choose to opt for the alternate version, it is preferable to ask your doctor for advice. In the case of more unbalanced diets, it is in fact advisable to be followed by a specialist so as not to make mistakes.

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