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Summer diet: here are the 5 summer foods that (really) help you lose weight


With the summer heat comes a great desire for light and fresh food, and what better time to take advantage of it and lose weight? Here are some tips for losing weight in the summer.

Summer has arrived: sun, sea and great heat will be our companions for the next few weeks. By now for the costume test the games have already closed, but why not continue to wink at the diet, with the aim of losing a few more pounds and getting back in shape? In fact, summer is a golden period: the heat makes us feel less hungry and at the table we only want freshness and lightness . Let’s find out which are the best foods to combat the heat and lose weight.

The summer diet: what must not be missing

Even in summer you need to pay attention to the scales , otherwise we risk finding ourselves at the gates of autumn with too much work to do in the gym. This is why it is important to carefully choose what to bring to the table during the hottest period of the year. The body already helps us a lot: in fact, we will feel the need for light and fresh foods, which digest quickly and rehydrate us.

Furthermore, we must never be without fresh water . In the summer, more than ever, we must remember to drink a lot, because we lose a lot of fluids through sweat. Furthermore, water is our first beauty ally : it fights water retention and cellulite, helps us purify the body and frees us from toxins.

Summer foods for weight loss


But let’s get to the point: what foods should we introduce to follow a low-calorie summer diet ? Fruits and vegetables, which abound at this time of year, should undoubtedly be the basis of our diet, but we must not give up on taste for this. Let’s find out what are the 5 foods to lose weight in the summer .

1- Tomatoes

Rich in antioxidants , which help fight free radicals and prevent aging, tomatoes are light and very tasty. They also contain very few calories, so they can be consumed freely. But watch out for the dressing : just a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt!

2- White meat

The barbecue is the highlight of the summer, and you don’t necessarily have to give it up. Choose slices of chicken or turkey , which are much lighter and more nutritious than red meats. And remember to accompany your dish with a generous portion of vegetables, such as grilled courgettes and aubergines .

3- Fish

In summer, fish is a must that cannot be missed. Instead of thinking about mixed fried dishes, it’s time to focus on something more dietary. Fish such as sole, sea ​​bass , sea bream, cod and trout are excellent allies in the diet, as they are low in fat and help reduce blood cholesterol levels . Besides, you can indulge yourself with spices and avoid salt.

4- Watermelon and melon

They are the two fruits par excellence, which cannot be missing on your table in the summer. They are in fact mainly composed of water and have a high satiating power, as well as being rich in mineral salts. You can treat yourself to a good fruit salad, but also a smoothie , a centrifuged, an ice cream, a sorbet …

5- Ice cream

Speaking of ice cream: it is absolutely not said that to lose weight you have to give it up. Of course, you have to be careful what to choose. Give up the packaged ones and rather enjoy a good homemade ice cream , preferring fruit flavors . A sundae instead of lunch – as long as it doesn’t become a habit – is perfect.

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