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Summer in the city, but cool and street with our pret-a-porter looks

Summer look

And if you stay in town, gather all the casual outfits in your wardrobe, creating and mixing your summer street edition looks.

Holidays are often unknown, and not everyone will be able to do them in the fateful months of July and August, when maybe you have to stay in the city and reschedule them for September. But let’s put all despair aside, because we often forget that in this period cities are empty, and it can be an opportunity to experience them with different eyes: you can let yourself be enchanted by the beauties of your city, of course with ad hoc summer looks.

Cities near the sea can certainly boast a milder climate, but if the sea is not around the corner we will need even more a look that is full of freshness. Are you ready then to discover yourself a little and above all to choose fluid and light fabrics ?

Summer look in the city: the favorite outfits of celebrities and influencers

Where to start? The dilemma is always indecision, especially in understanding if we can rediscover what we have in the wardrobe, if it is right for us and if especially with high temperatures it is something practical to wear. Denim always remains an ally top, but thinking about the August heat, we focus on shorts : from the classic but also colorful jeans nuance, it is a summer vibes look that leaves the legs free to enjoy that breeze that makes it more pleasant every now and then a walk.

– Let us be inspired by Valentina Ferragni’s outfit , who for a day at Gardaland chose a minimal look consisting of pink bell-shaped denim shorts and a very simple green top, while a belt, bags and a pair of glasses completed the outfit . outfits in a super trendy way. For those who don’t get along so well with sandals, sneakers for the whole of August and you’ll never go wrong!

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– We talked about it extensively last year and also this summer, the slip dress in a casual and disengaged key like the one worn by Paola Turani , is also perfect in the city, to be worn with a pair of sneakers or wedge sandals. A romantic evening look without too much effort.

– The shirt ? Half-sleeve or long-sleeved for those nights spent up late with some friends who stayed in the city, this is the inspiration that Alessia Marcuzzi gives us, who combines her long and daddy style with a black micro dress, but can also be worn with a mini or a pair of shorts. We dare the top with a super crop , as we saw done in Cannes.

Outfits and accessories to have in the wardrobe to create summer looks in the city

Summarizing then, shorts, shirts in various models, crop tops but we also add short or oversized dresses , perfect for those days to spend all day out, perhaps between a museum, a walk and a lunch out, exactly as we were on vacation. In addition to sneakers, on the occasion of the sales stock up on low jewel sandals and Bikenstock , which you will love like never before and you will really put on everything.

And speaking of accessories, the bag deserves a particular focus. True that we will stay in the city, but we certainly do not want to give up all the suggestions that summer can give us? And so it is raffia bag , even better if it is a cylinder. so as to remember how summer vibes can also reach the city.

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