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Summer time, what it causes and how to contain the effects on the body

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Summer time, in addition to moving the hands, can cause stress or problems of various kinds for the most sensitive people. Let’s find out what they are and how to counter them.

Summer time consists in moving the hands of the clock forward by one hour to make the most of the sun’s irradiation during the summer period. It generally comes into effect in late March and lasts approximately until the end of October, when solar time begins. This in itself is minimal change , but some individuals can be particularly affected, just as it does between seasons.

Most of these are problems of a psychophysical nature and due to the fact that, by moving the hands forward, the hours of sleep decrease. Obviously not everyone tolerates summer time in the same way and the consequences on the body also change according to the individual. In any case, let’s find out what the effects of summer time are on the body and how we can intervene.

Summer time: the most common problems

Changing the time is a custom we are all used to, but we must know that it has been introduced, even in the EU, to reduce energy consumption and light pollution. However, not all countries move the hands as there is not much difference between light and dark and the artificial lighting is different from what we are used to. But if these populations do not see the change in summer time in a traumatic way, the same cannot be said for us.

man stress
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In general, in fact, people who are most affected by summer time can experience severe stress and difficulty concentrating , but also irritability and headaches . On some occasions, however, more serious cases may occur, with people suffering from heart problems, without considering that the risk of stroke, insomnia and other sleep disorders increases.

Tips to counter the effects of summer time

Although many people suffer from summer time, and suffer from the ailments seen before, there are some precautions that can cushion the stress related to the change of time. First, experts recommend going to sleep earlier than usual, at least in the period before daylight saving time. In this way it will be possible to accustom the body and avoid high doses of stress and fatigue.

But to counteract the effects of summer time it is also good to rely on a correct diet, avoiding too fatty foods, exciting foods and alcohol. A good solution can be to rely on balanced diets, such as the Mediterranean diet . Furthermore, a fundamental role is played by hydration, which must be kept constant (at least 1.5 / 2 liters of water) and regular physical activity.

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