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Sun diet: how to lose 2 kg in a week

girl with peach

The sun diet is a diet that is based on the benefits of healthy nutrition and the consumption of vitamins and antioxidants. Let’s find out how it works.

The sun diet is a food strategy that promises to lose up to 2 kg in just seven days. This is also joined by the loss of abdominal swelling and a perfect tan . A different way than usual to get back in shape and to feel at your best in these days when the sun is still the undisputed protagonist of our days.

How the sun diet works

As you can imagine, the diet of the sun in addition to losing weight also guarantees a perfect tan or its maintenance in the months to come.

girl with peach
Girl eating a peach

As for nutrition, the aim is to provide the body with important resources such as water, vitamins and antioxidants. To these will be added the beneficial effect given by the beautiful sunny days which in addition to offering a more serene mood, will provide the right mental energy to resist too many temptations. And all while losing weight without too many sacrifices, while eliminating the swollen belly .

Sun diet: the menu

Now that we understand what the principles of this diet are, let’s try to understand how to structure the menu within the day. As already mentioned, hydration is very important, both for the effects on the metabolism and for the possibility of eliminating excess toxins.

In the morning, therefore, it is always good to start with water with lemon, ginger or cucumber. The rest of the day includes a healthy and balanced menu.

At breakfast you can then continue with sugar-free Greek yogurt to which you can add a couple of wholemeal rusks or fruit.
For lunch you can opt for brown rice (also excellent quinoa) with vegetables and salmon (rich in Omega3), all to be seasoned with extra virgin olive oil.
At dinner , however, lean proteins are fine to accompany with vegetables and fruit. Snacks can be based on smoothies or orange juice.

If you have a lot of kilos to lose, the advice is to contact a nutritionist in order to start a tailor-made plan that can provide results over the long term.

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