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Sunburns: what they are and how to recognize them in time


Sunburn is a fairly common problem (especially in summer). Let’s find out what it is and how to recognize them.

Sunburns are skin lesions caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. They usually affect the superficial state of the epidermis and can lead to more or less important consequences depending on the case, the frequency and the level of the lesions. So let’s find out how to recognize them, treat them and prevent them.

Sunburn: how to recognize it in time


Burns alone are usually pretty easy to recognize. In fact, they occur in the form of redness of the skin and sometimes with burning, sores or blisters. It can be said that they are what precedes the first degree sunburn. For this reason it is very important to recognize them in time in order to shelter from the sun and to hydrate and care for the skin. Among the most common symptoms are:

– Reddened skin
– Chills of cold
– General weakness
– Skin with blisters or sores

Generally, sunburn occurs more easily in predisposed subjects, that is, with very fair complexions. If you spend many hours in the sun, however, they can affect anyone. An aspect to which it is therefore important to always pay the right attention.

Sunburns: remedies and how to prevent them

When you experience a sunburn, the first thing to do is to get in the shade, drink water and moisturize the area that has one or more lesions. In some cases, it may also help to use ice and an emollient cream. In more serious cases and always on medical advice, anti-inflammatory or analgesics can be used. Obviously, you should avoid exposing yourself to the sun again until the skin is completely healed.

As for prevention, it is always very important to use adequate sun creams . These will be chosen according to the type of skin but also according to how long you plan to stay in the sun. It is also important to avoid exposure during the hottest hours. It is good to remember, in fact, that exposure without adequate protection can lead to skin damage and the onset of diseases including skin cancer.

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