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There’s a new trend for your hair that you can use this summer: find out everything about it!

In summer, we always want to change our look. Usually we tend to bleach our hair with highlights or even lighter colors. However, now it’s the moment of light our hair up with the new summer color: Sunrise blonde!

A lot of influencers and movie stars have already fallen in love with this new trend. In fact, they launched it on Instagram by posting their pictures with their new look. Among theme there is Emma Roberts, with almost 1 million likes on her post. Why do we like this color that much? Let’s find out together!

Sunrise blonde: the new hair color for summer 2019!

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/emmaroberts/

We love this shade because it is not a classic blonde, but a color that looks very well on everyone. Moreover, it is perfect with any type of skin. If you want to light your hair up for summer, this trend is amazing, and the Sun will help your hair look even brighter!

This is a very natural color and does not look like you dyed your hair. Even brunettes can follow this trend, because the color starts from a darker base and blends on the ends. It is a chestnut brown which blends lighter and lighter, until becoming blonde. It looks like the Sun blended it! This color is perfect with medium-long wavy hair.

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/emmaroberts/

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