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Sunspots: what to do to prevent and treat them

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Sunspots on the skin are a common problem that can be solved with the right attention. And above all you can prevent them.

With summer getting closer, the desire to stay in the sun is getting stronger. This entails the onset of some problems, first of all that of sunspots . As many will know, to avoid its appearance it is important to follow some basic rules such as not exposing yourself to the sun in the hottest hours and doing it always and only with good protection .

In some cases, if the skin is really delicate or if in the past we have been exposed to the sun in the wrong way, prevention alone may not be enough anymore. In this case, solutions must be found to mitigate or remove the sunspots.

What are sunspots

woman with sunscreen
woman with sunscreen

Sunspots are accumulations of melanin that appear on the skin for various reasons. Among these, as the name suggests, the sun is the main one.

The causes can be hormonal, pharmacological or environmental, i.e. linked to the wrong type of exposure and its duration. In all cases, fortunately, it is possible to make them disappear, as long as you take care of the skin in an extremely careful way and start using the right sunscreens.

To act on sunspots it is important to first understand how they appeared . Once this is done, there are many methods to cure them. They range from the use of soaps, serums and lightening creams to peeling and cryotherapy sessions.

How to prevent sun spots

But how do you prevent them? The peeling can be carried out thanks to some products available on the market and which act on the skin so as to attack the surface layer. Cryotherapy, on the other hand, consists in the use of liquid nitrogen to burn the spots on the skin cold. In both cases, it is always good to go to a dermatologist first, in order to be sure that you have chosen the right approach.

That said, nutrition can also do a lot in this regard, both to prevent and to support the treatments chosen. By taking vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it is possible to offer the skin the right nourishment, slowing down premature aging and making it stronger and able to defend itself and regenerate itself.

Sometimes, a visit to the dermatologist can help clarify the type of problem so that we can tackle it with the most suitable method. In this way, sunspots will increasingly become a distant memory, gradually clearing up or disappearing completely.

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