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Sustainable fragrances: here are what they are, certified and awarded

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The Accademia del Profumo together with the Bocconi University has traced the three fragrances with the lowest environmental impact.

In the Christmas period with the hunt for the perfect and special gift we return to hear much more about perfumes: elegant, refined, fresh, sparkling, each personality corresponds to a fragrance that corresponds to it, and we can also add a new category. That of sustainable , certified, recognized and awarded perfumes, perfect for our friend who is strongly sensitive to green issues but in reality for all of us, who this year have learned to choose conscious purchases also in fashion. You will already know some of these perfumes, but not everyone knows about their green attitude which makes them even more precious.

Sustainable perfumes: what are the fragrances awarded by the Accademia del Profumo

The Accademia del Profumo has focused attention on green perfumes, which in collaboration with the Green Economy Observatory of the Bocconi University , conducted research to reward perfumes deserving of the Responsible Innovation Award . Three perfumes received this recognition, two traditional liquids and one solid: the fragrances in question boast a lower environmental impact throughout the production and consumption cycle.

“From the choice of raw material procurement to the innovations introduced in formulas and packaging, to the reduction of impacts in the phases of distribution, sale, consumption and end of life. Sustainability is one of the great imperatives of this historical moment , explained Ambra Martone, President of Accademia Profumo. The perfumes that respect this cycle of sustainability and that have been recognized as sustainable are My Way by Armani , CK Everyone and the Solid Perfume by Abaton .

My Way, CK Everyone, Abaton: the three scents that respect the environment

The greenest of all is Giorgio Armani’s My Way . This is another important milestone for King Giorgio on the road to sustainability, after having recently made official the decision to abandon the use of angora wool from his collections. The complete vision of responsible innovation was recognized by the Academy, based on a scientific approach based precisely on the study of environmental impacts in perfume, adopting a sustainable cycle that goes from the packaging to the supply chain.

Originality and innovation are instead the two characteristics recognized in the solid perfume of Abaton , in the fragrances of Chinotto Dark, Gourmand and Fior di Chinotto . Green packaging, dematerialization, refillable of the bottle and careful selection of materials. Calvin Klein and its CK Everyone were awarded instead for guaranteeing a high standard of health and safety in the substances used throughout the supply chain, complete with related certification.

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