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Swarovski Collection II: a new chic and modern identity

Constella Swarovski bracelet

The Austrian brand continues the revolution of its bijoux with Swarovski Collection II.

At the gates of summer, Swarovski has left its admirers speechless: to the general amazement, to the minimal, bright and sophisticated design jewels, the Austrian brand has introduced and now replaced, with alerts to the sound of posts and stories, a collection that transformed Swarovski into eccentric , luminous, precious and showy precious stones . It all started with huge colored rings, even in the materials, and now to consolidate this new era the Collection II , which follows the already released Collection I.

Scenographic bijoux, with a contemporary cut where the sophisticated is transformed into precious pop jewels. The brand in this new guise pursues the new philosophy of focusing more on the luxury product, a sign of a change that has also been imprinted in the image of the swan, which with closed wings has opened them to look at a new prestigious chapter.

Swarovski, Collection II: the cosmos and its sparkling elements

Ignite your dreams , turn on your dreams, this is the new Swarovski slogan: bright, eye-catching jewels that want to get noticed, almost more than clothing or better to enhance and embellish it even more. If the Collection I signed by the creative director Giovanna Engelbert took inspiration from our new life in smartworking, thinking of jewels that literally blinded the screen, the Collection II takes up a recent Swarovski trend and revisits it: the cosmos .

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A theme that everyone likes and has always fascinated, but do not expect this collection to limit itself to celebrating the stars in the most classic way, it is rather their sparkle – of which the Austrian brand is a master – to be captured in pendants that alternate chains double, perfect for those who love a chunky style, to other minimal ones for those who want to keep some of the iconic Swarovski design. Testimonial and ambassador of this versatile and inclusive collection is Lourdes Leon , Madonna’s daughter.

Sparkling crystal bracelets with an innovative design inspired by Pop Art to the constellations

Do you remember Swaroski’s Remix collection, the one that allowed us to mix and create a bracelet that is always different by combining different models of the line? If before the bracelet was subtle and creative, now it is flashy and original, the models with bead are offered in square crystals, simply colored or decorated inspired by Pop Art , joined by a red cotton cord. A decidedly romantic model.

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But there are also the classics, but revised and corrected, such as the crystal tennis bracelet with a triangular cut, elegantly punk and for a wild look , or with a pear cut for those who want something new but without exaggerating. But among the most beautiful and enveloping models, the Constella model stands out, definitely like having a constellation on your wrist and feeling a bit like queens of the cosmos.

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