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Sweat and… inflammation? The causes and grandmother’s remedies for dermatitis

Sweat dermatitis

In the summer, sweat dermatitis could appear more easily: here are the natural remedies to treat it and get rid of it!

Have you ever suffered from rashes and skin rashes especially during the hottest months? Then your enemy could be sweat, and the pathology could be sweat dermatitis. In fact, dermatitis is skin inflammation caused by various factors that cause itchy skin . This, in turn, can lead to several annoying symptoms such as burning, redness etc. Sweat rash is part of this large family of skin disorders, do you know what it is? Let’s better understand how and why it occurs and, if so, if there are remedies to eliminate it or prevention methods to avoid its onset.

Sweat dermatitis
Sweat dermatitis

What is sweat dermatitis

This specific condition, also called sudamine, is inflammation (and subsequent irritation of the skin) caused by sweat. The problem can arise due to excessive sweating or strong exposure to sunlight and, to avoid peeling and drying the skin, it is essential to resist itching. To do this there are some tricks that we will soon reveal to you, however let’s see before recognizing the symptoms.

Who are the characters most prone to this problem? Certainly children, but also those who have the characteristic of a delicate skin that reacts easily to any external stimulus . It may seem strange, but men, as well as the elderly, suffer most in the adult range.

Causes of sweat dermatitis and symptoms

What happens to the epidermis that leads to this annoying sweat irritation? Essentially, the sweat ducts become blocked , causing sweat to be released not outside but under the skin. This complication breaks out in red patches and characteristic sweat bubbles. The symptomatology just described does not stop there, but is nevertheless essential for making a diagnosis. Intense itching is another example of what happens to the skin under these circumstances: in this case you have to resist and try not to scratch , otherwise you will expand the subcutaneous sweat and the rash will become even bigger.


The points most prone to this disorder, which could also be caused by a “simple” allergy to sweat, are: the groin area, the armpits, at the joints of the arms and legs (behind the knees and elbows) and at the neck height. Since 2020, the year in which the Coronavirus pandemic began, there has been an increase in sweat dermatitis on the face, caused by the daily use of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as a surgical mask, FFP2 or similar.

Before resorting to a doctor who specializes in dermatology, we can try to solve the problem with do-it-yourself treatments using natural remedies. Let’s find out what they are!

Sweat dermatitis: natural remedies

Here are some small steps to try to eliminate the problem . Our advice, since these are absolutely natural remedies, is to try these “do-it-yourself treatments” before resorting to a specialist visit … but let’s see what these remedies are:

Chamomile. Chamomile has a soothing and refreshing effect, for this reason it can be useful to use compresses and help relieve pain.

Rice starch. Rice starch is the most used remedy especially for children. In fact, the latter are more likely to contract the problem due to their delicate and sensitive skin. Rice starch soothes redness and makes the skin soft and dry (it is also very useful when taking a bath ).


Sage. An infusion of sage is all that is needed to relieve the symptoms of the problem: gauze soaked in the infusion should be applied to the affected area.

Sweat dermatitis cure

If the problem persists despite our advice, it could be a slightly more aggressive form of dermatitis, but never to be confused with atopic dermatitis . In this case, we absolutely recommend that you consult your doctor and a dermatologist.

In some cases, antihistamines, zinc-based or cortisone ointments are prescribed to solve the problem . Each skin is different, has its own characteristics and the reaction to drugs will certainly vary from person to person, so let yourself be followed by professionals without delay.

Sweat erythema, how to prevent it

There are some precautions that can only be done well, in this case, and could also help prevent the onset of this disorder.

We advise you to drink a lot, at least two liters of water a day and possibly also take a fruit juice. Avoid in any way alcoholic beverages and foods full of grease and spicy spices

It is also important to carefully choose suitable clothing : yes, with natural fibers, breathable and in light colors. Do not use aggressive detergents and, in extremis, try to eliminate the softener.

Even in terms of hygiene and cleanliness , choose delicate creams and soaps, do not use talcum powder which tends to clog the pores and, finally, try not to expose yourself too much to the sun, especially during the hottest hours.

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