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Sweaty hair: how to avoid this problem

Sweaty hair: how to avoid this problem

It happens more often in summer, but also in other moments, for example when you go to the gym. Find out the best remedies to avoid sweaty hair!

When temperatures rise, everyone starts sweating. It is a natural thing: the body does that to keep our temperature steady. However, when you feel your hair sweaty, you do not feel comfortable. There are some remedies to avoid this from happening: let’s see how!

Four easy remedies to get rid of this problem

There are some quite easy remedies to avoid sweaty hair.

– If you have long hair, you should tie it. It is the best way to solve the problem. You can make different hairdos, such as a ponytail or a bun. They are perfect to avoid sweaty hair at the gym. You can also braid it, but if you usually sweat on your neck, shoulders and back, it is better to avoid this style.

Avoid the hair dryer. It is perfect to style your hair, but in summer and when it is hot, it is better to forget about it. Actually, the best thing to do is to set the right temperature. Choose a medium jet, not too hot, in order to avoid damaging your scalp.

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Use a dry shampoo. This is a good method to avoid using your hair dryer. Moreover, you can create your own homemade dry shampoo, using only natural ingredients!

Do not wash your hair too often. This is the wrong thing to do, because frequent washings can ruin you skin. If you cannot resist, at least use just water or less shampoo, in order to avoid damages.

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