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Sweaty hair: useful remedies to ward off the problem


It happens especially in summer but also on other occasions, such as in the gym. Find out which are the best remedies to avoid having sweaty hair.

When temperatures rise, everyone sweats . It is a natural phenomenon, a sort of defense of the body which, by sweating, allows to keep the internal temperature constant compared to the external one. But when you have sweaty hair, you immediately feel uncomfortable . There are, however, remedies to prevent this from happening. Let’s see how not to get sweaty hair.

Sweaty hair: how to do it? Here are 4 simple remedies

There are some fairly simple methods to be taken to remedy the problem of sweaty hair.

• If you have hair of a length covering the neck (or even more) it is necessary to tie it .

It is a rather natural and certainly effective operation and it is the one that could ward off the problem. In this case you can make different hairstyles, from the simple ponytail, preferably medium-high, to the chignon .

Both are great for avoiding sweating hair in the gym. The braid could be a solution, but if you also sweat on the neck, shoulders and back, it is better to avoid it.

Avoid the hairdryer . A good friend when you need to straighten your hair, but in summer and in areas where it is hot, it is best to avoid using it. It is not necessary not to turn it on at all, but it is important to regulate the temperature . Prefer a medium jet, and not hot, so as not to overheat the skin.

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• Using a dry shampoo is a good way to completely avoid using the hairdryer.

• Avoiding to wash your hair often, despite everything, although it is rather comfortable, it is wrong. In this way you will alter the balance of the skin . If you really can’t resist, use only water or dilute the shampoo to the maximum, so as not to attack the hair too much.

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