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Sweet Abruzzo pizza: the holiday cake par excellence

Sweet Abruzzo pizza

The sweet Abruzzo pizza is the classic dessert of the holidays where the layers of sponge cake alternate with those of cream. Here’s how it is prepared!

There is no holiday that in Abruzzo is not celebrated with the preparation of the traditional Abruzzo sweet pizza, also known as pizza dogge. It is the dessert of the holidays par excellence: whether it is a birthday or an anniversary, this typical dessert will make its appearance at the end of the meal. Not to mention weddings! It almost seems that the event loses its importance if it does not include the tasting of this traditional Abruzzo cake.

However, do not hope to stumble upon the only original recipe: as always when preparing a typical product of a territory, the preparation varies from family to family. We offer you the sweet Teramo pizza prepared with sponge cake soaked in rum and alchermes, traditional and chocolate custard. On the final decoration there is a dispute between those who prefer it to chocolate and those who focus everything on the egg white glaze. Let’s find out all the steps of this Abruzzo cake.

Sweet Abruzzo pizza
Sweet Abruzzo pizza

How to prepare the sweet Abruzzo pizza with the original recipe

The preparation of this typical Abruzzo dessert is not difficult, it only requires a higher number of steps than normal. For convenience we will divide it into four different moments.

Preparation of the sponge cake

The necessary ingredients are:

  • 6 eggs
  • 180 g of sugar
  • 180 g of flour
  1. First break the eggs and divide the egg white and yolk . Whip the first until stiff peaks and work the second with the sugar until they are light and fluffy.
  2. Add the egg whites to the yolks, stirring gently from the bottom up to avoid disassembling the mixture.
  3. Finally, add the sifted flour , always stirring gently.
  4. Pour everything into a greased and floured mold with a diameter of 24-26 cm and cook at 180 ° C for 35 minutes . We recommend that you prepare the sponge cake one day in advance.

Preparation of traditional custard and chocolate cream

The necessary ingredients are:

  • 1 liter of milk
  • 80 g of corn starch
  • 6 yolks
  • 140 g of sugar
  • 1 organic lemon
  • 70 g of dark chocolate
  1. Mix the cornstarch and sugar in a saucepan then add the egg yolks and mix to obtain a cream.
  2. Pour in the milk and put on the stove, cooking over medium heat until the cream has thickened. Stir often to prevent lumps from forming.
  3. When cooked, divide the cream into two equal parts. Perfume half with the grated rind of the lemon and add the chopped dark chocolate to the other half, stirring until melted.
  4. Allow both preparations covered with contact film to cool.

Preparation of soaking in rum and wet alchermes

The ingredients needed for the rum bath are:

  • 70 ml of rum
  • 70 ml of water
  • 40 ml of coffee
  • 25 g of sugar

For the alchermes bath you need:

  • 60 ml of alchermes
  • 40 ml of water
  • 10 g of sugar

Mix the ingredients to obtain two distinct baths. If desired, for a more homogeneous consistency, in both cases dissolve the sugar in hot water.

Preparation of the glaze

For this step you need:

  • 2 egg whites
  • 200 g of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
  1. Start whipping the egg whites and lemon juice with an electric mixer.
  2. As soon as they start to build up, add the sugar 2-3 times and once you get a firm mixture set it aside.
Preparation of sweet Abruzzo pizza
Preparation of sweet Abruzzo pizza


  1. Divide the sponge cake into three discs and place the first base on a serving dish.
  2. Soak it with the rum sauce and cover with traditional custard .
  3. Place the second disc, soak it with the alchermes syrup and cover with the chocolate cream .
  4. Wet the last layer with the rum syrup as well .
  5. Cover the whole cake with the egg white glaze and decorate as desired with chopped almonds or colored sugar sprinkles.
  6. Leave the sweet pizza in the refrigerator for at least half a day before serving.

As you can see it is an easy dessert that requires a minimum of organization in preparation. The more attentive will also have noticed its similarity with the trifle , a typical dessert of a completely different area.


Sweet pizza can be kept in the refrigerator , well covered with plastic wrap, for 2-3 days.

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