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Sweet potatoes: the properties that make them particularly valuable

sweet potatoes

Let’s discover sweet potatoes and the properties that make them both an excellent food for health and a more than valid ingredient in the kitchen.

Sweet potatoes are among the most popular vegetables for both adults and children. This depends on their appearance but also on the flavor and fragrance they give to each dish. Also great if eaten alone, sweet potatoes boast truly incredible properties that are well suited even to those on a diet. So let’s find out which are the most important, how many calories they have and why they are considered precious friends of health.

American potatoes: properties to know

The sweet potato is famous around the world for its flavor and health benefits.

sweet potatoes
sweet potatoes

Going precisely to the reasons why it is good to eat it, the American potato has really beneficial properties. Among these the most important are:

– It is rich in fiber.
– Contains vitamins A , B6 and C.
– Helps in case of constipation.
– Contains various mineral salts.
– It is rich in carotenoids .
– It has antioxidant powers.
– It has a lower glycemic index than regular potatoes.
– Its peel helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides.

Sweet potatoes: calories and how to use them in cooking

Sweet potatoes have around 80 calories per 100 grams.
As already mentioned, they have a lower glycemic index than classic potatoes and this makes them a truly appreciable vegetable even when on a diet. As for how to consume them, they can be used instead of common potatoes or pumpkin. And this is because their flavor is about halfway between the two. They are also very good to eat alone. Not for nothing in Asia there are many who enjoy them roasted, as a snack to break hunger.

Among other things, they are excellent in mashed potatoes or to be cooked in the oven and in a pan. Many different ways that in addition to giving the right taste to the various dishes, will also offer the possibility of taking beneficial substances for the body.
In this regard it is in fact useful to remember that sweet potatoes are considered, by various associations that deal with classifying foods based on their properties, among the healthiest vegetables of all, proving also ideal for those suffering from diabetes .

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