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Swelling of the feet typically affects during the hot season, but can also affect the rest of the year.

Swollen feet

Often it has to do with venous and circulation problems and in these cases the problem must be brought to the attention of a doctor, but also because of water retention.

Even bad mobility is the basis of a certain swelling in the lower limbs due to the stagnation of the blood that cannot flow back to the center of the body, due to the lack of venous activity and the opposite action of gravity.

Swelling of the feet: how to solve the problem

When suffering from water retention, swelling is concentrated in the abdomen, feet and ankles. It is advisable to take precautions to eliminate swelling in the feet, as this problem prevents us from walking regularly and wearing the shoes that we would like. Especially in the case of elegant occasions, or other circumstances where it is essential to wear tight shoes that can cause problems.

Excessive use of salt is one of the main causes of water retention . The swelling in the feet, closely related to this latter factor, can be due precisely to an excessive intake of iodine and the normal cooking salt with which we usually season our meals. It must be reduced in the diet and the advice is also to take a greater quantity of water with a low salt content, such as Vitasnella.

Consuming foods with vitamins and minerals , such as almonds and bananas, which contain magnesium and potassium, is another perfect method to reduce the onset of swelling in the feet and more generally improve the phenomenon of water retention (including subcutaneous) .

In this way we fight in a healthy way the water retention and the stasis of liquids throughout the body. The advice, as mentioned above, is also to carry out physical activity , walking and making short runs or at least at a fast pace. In this way, the concentration of liquids decreases, and it is therefore always preferable to walk a bit when you suffer from this problem, even if perhaps in the early days we may experience average intense pain in the feet due to the rubbing of gym shoes which could be a little tight.

Diuretic foods , such as pineapple, spinach and cabbage, are excellent for those suffering from problems in the disposal of liquids. Still on the subject of diuresis, the dandelion infusion is a cure-all for swelling in the feet and water retention. It is an excellent purifying plant, also useful for the kidneys and blood.

Other alternative methods

In order to purify and release toxins from the body as well as excess accumulated fluids, thus deflating the feet and all areas of the body subjected to this phenomenon of retention, we should undergo saunas or Turkish baths on a more or less regular basis, and then continue with lymphatic drainage massages that move the water from the feet towards the center of the body (the heart).

Swollen feet
Swollen feet

Obviously, going to a SPA every day could be expensive as well as in fact for time reasons, for this reason a quick and cheap solution could be to buy a portable steam bath , that is a real home mini-sauna to be stored comfortably in a closet or under the bed when we are not going to use it.

Obviously it is not easy to make the right choice, for this reason we have referred you to a link on, a website specialized in recommending useful products for health and well-being , in which you will be shown which is the best device to buy.

As is known, steam accelerates the process of expelling toxins , the heat dissipates them and the manipulative action on the skin, carried out after these treatments, has a considerably better effect.

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