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Swollen belly? It is not always fat: here are causes and remedies


Do you suffer from a swollen stomach and intestinal discomfort? Let’s find out the main causes and some natural remedies, and here’s what to eat and the secrets to feel fit!

Poor diet , stress or intestinal problems are the main causes of a swollen belly: even if you are thin and fit you can often suffer from abdominal bloating . Performing a healthy and regular physical activity is another strength for a flat and well-defined abdomen. To achieve the flat stomach goal, you must therefore follow habits and reduce temptation. It is not necessary to follow a crash diet, but to pay attention to little things in everyday life . For example, carbonated drinks or excessive consumption of fatty and carbohydrate-rich foods can be avoided.

If the cause of swelling is food, all that remains is to resort to the fabulous grandmother’s remedies: fantastic, for example, the astringent action of lemon, as well as the digestive action of bicarbonate. Here are these and other tricks to say goodbye to tension, bloating and intestinal gas !


Abdominal bloating: causes

One of the main causes of abdominal bloating is poor digestion . If you eat too much or mix different foods, your intestines will have a hard time digesting everything. As a result, you are more tired and swollen.

Eating too many carbohydrates causes bloating. This does not mean that you must eliminate them, but consume them sparingly. Prefer proteins, vitamins and minerals and cut back on carbohydrates.

Swollen belly: do it yourself remedies

Chew slowly . In this way, avoid ingesting too much air and the food will be more digestible. The result? The abdominal swelling will be kept under control.

-Avoid crash diets as they lead to less than desired results. When you eat too little, fat tends to accumulate right on the belly and in critical areas. Prefer low-fat, low-sugar foods and don’t skip meals.

-Take physical activity to keep always active metabolism. If you don’t move, fat accumulates in critical areas such as the belly. As a result, you will be bloated, even if you have eaten little.

Always drink lots of water . One of the main causes of a swollen stomach is constipation , due to poor hydration. Going to the bathroom regularly is therefore a key factor in having a flat stomach.

-Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight at the waist. Pressure from tights, pants, or belts block blood flow and create swelling. When you are at home, dress comfortably and prefer soft clothes.

If the problem persists and causes continued discomfort, consult your doctor !

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