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Swollen hands: what are the causes and the most effective remedies

Swollen hands

Swollen hands: find out what are the most common causes and how to remedy them.

Swollen hands are a common problem and can have various origins . These can be allergic or inflammatory or resulting from a fluid stagnation problem. In any case, there are several strategies that can be implemented in order to relieve the symptoms but, before recommending any, let’s see what is due to the swelling of the extremities of the upper limbs.

Why hands swell: the causes not to be underestimated

When suffering from swollen hands there are several possible causes that should be considered. In case of swollen hands the most common causes are therefore:

Swollen hands
Swollen hands

Circulation problems
Water retention
– Hormonal changes
– Inflammations
– Allergies
– Medication intake
– Recent fractures or trauma
– Carpal tunnel

Obviously it is very important to learn to recognize the symptoms, which are not limited to the swollen hand but can be recognized by itching in the affected area, a tingling sensation, difficulty in moving the fingers, different colored skin, feeling of heat , etc … Symptoms that will certainly be investigated with the doctor, also evaluating when and how the problem arose.

Swollen hands: the most effective remedies

Once it is ascertained that swelling in the hands should not be treated with specific drugs, you can try to solve the problem with different remedies that may prove useful for this purpose. This also applies to those who only suffer from swollen hands in the morning.

Among the most effective are ice packs that help deflate the part a little, relieving pain . Opening and closing the hands in order to reactivate the circulation can also be of great help. If you want to switch to specific remedies, dandelion and coriander should be taken into consideration: the first is a natural diuretic and therefore helps to drain excess fluids by deflating the hands; the second, on the other hand, is known to help improve circulation.

Everything will be included in a healthy lifestyle based on a diet that is as natural as possible, rich in fruit and vegetables and as much as possible free of salty foods or preservatives. Finally, it will be necessary to always keep well hydrated by drinking the right daily amount of water .

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