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Swollen uvula: what it depends on, what are the symptoms and how to act

throat pain

Swollen uvula is a problem that can arise for several reasons. Let’s find out the main causes and how to remedy them.

When you have problems with a swollen uvula, it is very important to be able to trace the triggering causes as soon as possible. In this way it will be possible to find an adequate cure that works immediately, avoiding all the problems related to inflammation of the uvula. Here is how to act to recognize the problem , to understand the causes and to solve it also in a natural way.

Inflamed uvula: causes and symptoms

The uvula is located in an extremely flexible area of ​​the body and is located exactly in the back of the throat, in the center of the soft palate .

throat pain
throat pain

Although rarely, it can happen that this point becomes inflamed, leading to the so-called uvulite. A condition in which the uvula is enlarged.
Uvula edema has several symptoms that should never be overlooked. Among these, the most important are:

– Swollen tonsils
– Fever
– Pain in the area
– Excessive salivation
– Pain when swallowing
Sore throat
– Problems breathing properly
– Acid reflux
– Injuries
– Dry mouth
– Sensation of a wheal in the throat

Going to the causes, however, among the many there may be viral infections or allergies. In some cases, on the other hand, we can speak of genetic problems given by the conformation of the uvula. In this case we speak of an elongated uvula.

How to cure inflammation in the uvula

By going to the treatment, the inflamed uvula can be remedied first of all with home remedies. These include properly hydrating, drinking relaxing herbal teas or tea with honey, and taking pain- relieving throat lozenges. Obviously, if this is due to an allergy it will be necessary to resort to the antihistamine, always after consulting the allergist.

If these remedies are not enough to solve the problem, you should contact your doctor in order to trace the exact cause (the most common tests are blood sampling and swabs) and find the most suitable treatment.
To be on the safe side it is always better to go to a doctor from the first symptoms. Acting immediately, even with an antibiotic in the event of a bacterial infection , can in fact help you heal quickly and not have to endure the discomfort given by a swollen uvula.

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