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Fashion2 hours ago

Second hand for Christmas gifts? From abroad, the trend that Gen Z likes

Economical and sustainable, the second hand could be the new solution for Christmas gifts. The relationship of consumers and the...

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Christmas broccoli: the traditional recipe for holidays

The recipe for Christmas broccoli, an air of celebration on the tables of Christmas Eve or lunch on December 25th....

Fashion3 hours ago

Catawiki launches the “House of Gucci” auction to tell the story of the maison

To warm the wait for House of Gucci, the history, objects and collections of the house are up for auction...

Recipes4 hours ago

Have you ever heard of lemon salad?

If you are looking for a light side dish to accompany your richer main courses, the lemon salad is the...

Health20 hours ago

Wheat: why it forms and how to fix it

The wheal is an allergic type manifestation typical of urticaria. Find out how it comes, what it depends on and...

Recipes1 day ago

Are you looking for a tasty quiche? Try it with broccoli and sausage

Tasty beyond imagination and simple to customize, the Broccoli Sausage Pie is the perfect winter recipe. We love quick and...

Recipes1 day ago

What a Sunday with baked turkey!

If you are in a hurry and are looking for a quick and easy recipe to have first and second...

Health2 days ago

Cholinergic urticaria: what it is, how to recognize it and how to treat it

Cholinergic urticaria is a particular type of urticaria that tends to strike for reasons other than those normally known. Let’s...