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Recipes3 months ago

There is no Easter breakfast without the Roman regrown pizza

The Easter regrown pizza is a typical product of Rome, prepared for breakfast and stuffed in many ways. The original...

Recipes3 months ago

Have you ever tried our gluten-free vegan shortcrust pastry?

A very simple recipe to prepare at home for those suffering from intolerances: the gluten-free vegan shortcrust pastry will please...

Recipes3 months ago

Easter Mazurek, an amazing Polish dessert

Mazurek is a Polish dessert typical of the Easter period made up of a crunchy base stuffed with jam and...

Recipes3 months ago

Pastitsio: the super tasty Greek first course

Pastitsio is a typical Greek first course known to be very similar to baked pasta. Here’s how to prepare it...

Recipes3 months ago

Crepes without gluten and lactose, the perfect recipe for everyone!

Enjoy a moment of sweet relaxation with delicious gluten-free and lactose-free crepes. We will make you who are intolerant satisfied...

Recipes3 months ago

Shakshuka, Israeli gravy eggs call the scarpetta

Shakshuka is a typical product of Israeli cuisine prepared with tomatoes, peppers and eggs and served with pita bread. Shakshuka...

Fashion3 months ago

Gucci Vault: on the online shop the new experience for the exclusive customization of NFT

The Gucci metaverse expands the experience of its Vault online concept store, focusing on the customization of NFTs. Winning not...

Recipes3 months ago

Here is a greedy Sicilian dessert: the fedora cake

Among the quick desserts there is one that you do not expect, the Sicilian fedora cake: two layers of sponge...