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Take care of your skin naturally with the sugar scrub


Taking care of your skin is very important and there are several ways to do it. One of them is the sugar scrub: let’s find out.

Our skin is constantly renewed . When new cells replace dead ones, it is possible that they remain on our skin. Eliminating them will help the underlying layer of skin to breathe better and will give the epidermis more vitality . In addition, it will combat dry skin and chapping.

One of the best solutions to get rid of dead cells is to perform a scrub, a natural process that allows you to exfoliate your skin quickly and easily. There are different types of scrubs, in today’s article we will discover the sugar scrub.

How to prepare the sugar scrub

Although it is possible to go to specialized beauty centers for this practice, doing it at home will help you save money and allow you to use natural products that will not cause any damage or abrasion to your skin.

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Preparing a sugar scrub is very simple , only a few ingredients are needed. However, there are several versions of this preparation. The first is excellent for regenerating the skin and is obtained by mixing brown sugar, honey and extra virgin olive oil . To prepare it, imagine the scrub as a dough divided into eight parts, six of which will consist of sugar, one from honey and one from oil.

The second version is much more delicate , therefore it is more suitable for face care. To obtain it, just mix yogurt and brown sugar together, in a 1: 1 ratio.

How to apply the sugar scrub

Once prepared, the sugar scrub should be applied to the skin . You can do it in two ways: spread it with your fingers or with a brush.

In the first case, you will have to use your fingertips and make a circular movement . Using this method, the effect obtained will be more delicate , and is certainly recommended in the case of very sensitive skin. In the second, you will need to get a brush suitable for this purpose (finding them on the market should not be difficult) and once you have done this you can enjoy your scrub, which will however be more intense than that done with your hands.

Although it is a beneficial practice for the skin, it is good not to abuse it if you don’t want to damage the skin. Consequently, do not perform more than one scrub per week . Also, keep in mind that more than one application may be needed before satisfactory results are obtained.

Finally, if after several attempts you decide that the sugar scrub is not for you, there are five other DIY alternatives that you could try.

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