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Taking care of others: care and closeness can help those around us

Take care of others

Emotions and feelings are useful for connecting and caring for others. Here’s what our little gestures can do.

To take care of others it is sometimes not necessary to commit to something special. Most of the time it doesn’t take much to get in tune with someone , even a simple question such as “How do you feel?”. These simple words in fact carry with them a much more important baggage, or fundamental concepts such as concern for the good of the people around us or their physical well-being. Let’s try to understand why.

The importance of small gestures

Caring for others or caring for loved ones is an aspect of life that is often overlooked. Behaviors like these, however, have assumed ever greater importance, especially after the Coronavirus emergency . In fact, since the end of the pandemic we have understood how a priority it is to be able to enjoy good health and, in fact, to feel well.

Helping others
Helping others

Being close to loved ones or taking care of others are simple gestures that, for too long, have been taken for granted, but which are actually of great importance . So let’s try to understand how useful it can be to take care of others.

Quarantine and comfort

Being able to count on the presence and help of other people, and of course on their comfort, was one of the concepts we assimilated during the quarantine. In this period it will surely have happened to ask someone, through a phone or a screen, how they feel. In those moments, we definitely wanted to be close to the person we were talking to.

Precisely these behaviors underline the importance of attention, closeness or, in other words, taking care of others. This concept, in addition to being fundamental in our life, has an inestimable value.

The value of caring for others

But what does it concretely mean to take care of others and the people we love or who are close to us? Of course, answering this question is not that simple. However, we can say that small daily gestures, such as asking someone how they feel, are a good way to convey care, comfort, patience and closeness to the people we care about most.

Precisely because they have now become obvious, these gestures take on great emotional power and help to cement relationships, especially after the privations imposed by the quarantine.

Precisely this is the importance of taking care of others, which allows us to tune in and create connections, which also bring attention, commitment and care. The meaning of these small gestures is therefore very profound and can help many people to feel closer and less alone.

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