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The tamari sauce is a Japanese soy sauce that can be used in Asian recipes and others. Let’s find out its properties and some delicious recipes.

Tamari is a liquid, very dark sauce, which looks a lot like the classic soy sauce. In fact, this product is a type of shoyu, or soy sauce, from Japan, but it is very salty and has a strong flavor. Here is some more information on this tasty dressing!

What is tamari?

As mentioned above, tamari is a traditional product of the Japanese cuisine, although it seems that it was born in China 2500 years ago. This sauce, which reached our continent in recent decades, is mainly used in macrobiotic recipes.

Tamari has only one ingredient: yellow soybeans. From these we get hatcho miso, which is fermented with sea salt for a period of up to 3 years. This procedure creates the tamari sauce.

This sauce is also suitable for celiacs, since – unlike other shoyu – contains no wheat. Tamari is a dark liquid with a full and very intense flavor: not everyone likes it. Nevertheless, it has many benefits for our body.

The properties of the tamari

Salsa tamari
Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/salsa-salsa-di-soia-cucchiaio-2770300/

This sauce is rich in enzymes which regulate and rebalance the intestinal functions.  Thus, it can be good in case of irritable bowel syndrome and other disorders related to the intestinal tract. It also promotes digestion, because the enzymes it contains increase the production of gastric juices.

Tamari is also a dietary supplement, thanks to its nutritional values. It is rich in proteins, vitamins (especially vitamin B12) and antioxidants. Finally, it seems that this sauce has benefits on the immune system.

The side effects of this product involve especially people suffering from hypertension. Indeed, it contains a lot of salt, which people with high blood pressure should be careful about. If you suffer from celiac disease, be careful! The real tamari sauce is gluten-free, but at the supermarket you can find versions which contain wheat. Always reaad the label before buying it!

Recipes with tamari sauce

In order not to lose tamari nutritional properties, this product should be used raw. Use it to season your dishes: salads, boiled vegetables, legumes, pasta, risotto, meat and fish.

If its flavor is too strong for you, you can make a tamari and yogurt sauce. Mix 1 cup of white yogurt with two teaspoons of tamari, add finely chopped parsley and chives, then serve.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/salsa-salsa-di-soia-cucchiaio-2770300/

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