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This is the ideal frying method if you want to keep fit and healthy, but you do not want to say goodbye to certain types of cooking methods. Let’s learn how to make tempura!

All the people in the world love fried food. It is difficult to resist to its crunchy flavor. However, even if it is delicious, we also know that this cooking method is quite unhealthy. The high temperatures oil reaches and his reuse to cook different foods make it carcinogenic and very dangerous for our health.

Moreover, the high quantity of oil the breading absorbs turns fried food in the worst enemy for our silhouette. Therefore, is giving up on this cooking method the only way to keep fit? Absolutely not! From Est, here it comes a solution that safeguards our health, does not make you gain weight and it is also delicious: we are talking about tempura!

How to make tempura

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It is very easy to use this method: you just need rice flour and water. You can also replace rice flour with white flour. Pour 200ml of almost freezed water in a bowl, then pour 200g of flour in the water. Mix everything, and do not mind the possible clumps, because a rough breading is one of the main features of a traditional tempura.

The fundamental thing to perfectly use this method is the temperature difference between the batter and the oil. The ideal oil for tempura is white sesame one, or sunflower seed oil. It is necessary that oil temperature stays under 180°C but not under 170°C: in this way, it will be healthy and will not absorb much oil.

If you want to check the oil temperature, just pour a drop of batter in the oil: if it starts frying when it touches the first layer of oil, the temperature is too high. With the right temperature, the tempura batter drop has to sink reemerge sizzling after a few seconds.

This method, based upon precise temperature differences, will make your tempura crunchy but not soaking in oil. In fact, when the batter and oil come into contact, they will creat a sort of crunchy film which will stop the oil to penetrate in your food.

Tempura: which foods to choose

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At this point, we can dunk the foods we want on the cold batter, and then toss them in the oil. It is better to roll the food in rice flour before soaking them in the batter, so it adheres better.

The best foods to cook in tempura are vegetables, especially carrots, zucchini and its flowers, eggplant, mushrooms, pepper (sliced a la julienne). Fish is also amazing, such as shrimps, squids and seabass.

The final secrets for a perfect tempura are two. The first one is the number of foods you fry in the same moment (not too many but not too few, in order to avoid changing the oil temperature). While the second one is the short cooking time: the batter needs to become lighlty golden, and not yellow.

You can taste your tempura with the traditional Japanese Matcha tea: thanks to its properties, it naturally fastens the metabolism. In this way, you will burn faster the small quantity of oil you ate with your tempura.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/fry-cucina-tempura-di-gamberi-737382/, https://pixabay.com/it/photos/ristorante-cibo-giapponese-4165038/

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