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Tennis bracelet but not only: the jewels to give at Christmas

Tennis bracelet

The tennis bracelet remains among the iconic jewels to give at Christmas one of the most beautiful and desired, to be combined with rings and chokers in the same style.

Elegant, refined and super chic! In our jewelry collection, the tennis bracelet is that inevitable model, and like every precious bijoux that has become an icon, it is certainly also its story that makes it so special, a detail that to make your gift even more important, you can tell it to those who you will give it away, if someone still does not know it. If this diamond-embellished bracelet has become so important, the credit goes to tennis player Chris Evert, who never separated from this bracelet, to the point that when during a game he realized he had lost it, he stopped the match.

Jewels to give at Christmas: the tennis bracelet from diamonds to zircons

If there is one detail that makes the tennis bracelet one of the most precious bijoux ever, it is its expanse of diamonds set in basically square micro-compartments but which according to new trends we can also find in circular form. The same goes for the stones, from the classic shiny white to the multicolor ones for those looking for a more whimsical model.

Symbol of eternal love, which is why the alias of the tennis bracelet is eternity bracelet , it is considered as a masterpiece of the goldsmith’s art, very refined with its concealed closure that hides the clasp, thus giving the illusion of creating a endless row of diamonds or zircons.

Therefore, given its hidden meaning, know that if your him or her will give you a tennis bracelet, it is a good sign that your story is going well, but do not feel too attached to this vocation. Today the tennis bracelet is a trend, perfect to give to anyone who knows how to appreciate simple but iconic models, or to give even to yourself: a real dream are the models, in diamond of course, by Tiffany .

Eternity Bracelet: the models of Stroili and Chiara Ferragni, not just bracelets

If you are looking for an excellent quality, price and brightness ratio, the tennis bracelet is the perfect jewel to give as a gift for this too: there are many models made of transparent, colored zircons, with varied shapes, to satisfy everyone’s tastes, and that you can combine also with tennis-style earrings, rings and necklaces, having fun creating real sets to give as gifts.

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Stroili offers different variants of the tennis bracelet: in multiple rows, if you are looking for a snug model, and with zircons ranging from the most refined colors such as pink silver to pink, green and blue, fuchsia and purple zircons, or models that mix different colors for those who want a more whimsical tennis bracelet.

– But the potential of this timeless jewel was also perfectly captured by Chiara Ferragni , who chose the tennis style for the launch of her first bijoux line: bracelets, chokers, rings, with heart-shaped zircons to give that aurea pop in full Ferry style. A young, fresh and sparkling collection.

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