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The 10 best natural remedies to combat dry and oily cough


Cough is a respiratory disorder that occurs to expel mucus or irritants. Here are the best natural remedies for oily and dry cough.

Who among us, at least once in their life, has not suffered from cough? This airway disorder usually occurs in the colder seasons, and more precisely, in two different ways: the fat cough (or productive cough), which is the one with the presence of phlegm , and the dry cough (or unproductive cough) which instead it is characterized by the absence of phlegm.

This disorder is not considered a real disease, but if it becomes persistent it can lead to various complications , ranging from insomnia to vomiting.

A good way to treat a cough is to cure it right away or prevent it with natural remedies. Let’s see them together, but first let’s analyze the causes that can lead to suffering from this disorder!

Causes of cough

First of all, to better understand what may be the causes of the disorder we accuse, we must first go back to the type of cough we have. A fat cough results in the expulsion of phlegm, a secretion of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract that is thrown out of the lungs. When inflammation occurs, this secretion becomes more abundant, and for this we need a means to cleanse the body of mucus: that means is precisely the cough .

A dry cough, on the other hand, usually occurs due to allergies , colds, bronchial or throat infections. This can occur especially in the colder seasons, perhaps to an air blow or a major change in temperature, but it is also caused by stress, by smoking or inhalation of harmful substances.

In any case, usually the fat cough is the one not to be obstructed in an obsessive way, since it is the signal that our body is cleaning the body of phlegm. However, if it does not stop in the short term, it is always better to consult your doctor regardless of whether the cough is productive or unproductive .

Here are some natural remedies to counter this ailment!

The best natural cough remedies

A valid alternative to medicines to combat or prevent coughs is to use natural remedies. There are many and different types , and they can bring immediate relief and help calm symptoms. Let’s find out which are the best and see together how to calm persistent cough!

1. Rest and hot shower


It may seem trivial, but the first remedy to skillfully combat cough is to relate to some of our small habits , primarily that of rest. Yes, because not only the cough can have the consequence of making our sleep difficult, and therefore create a vicious circle of stress, but it can be caused by stress itself!

For this reason, when a persistent cough occurs, the first thing to do is to try to rest well, sleeping a lot and well.

In addition to this, even a hot shower can immediately give immediate benefits. The steam, in fact, is one of the main enemies of cough, since it soothes the airways. Just pay attention to the type of disorder you are experiencing: the steam, in fact, could aggravate the asthmatic cough.

2. Drink lots of water

Ginger drink
Ginger drink

This too may seem like a trivial method, but if you think so then you should immediately change your mind. Before the syrups , in fact, there was nothing but water, one of the most effective natural remedies for coughing.

The main benefit lies in the intake of liquids . Without introducing numerous liquid substances, the phlegm will never leave the body, and this is because the water helps prevent dry air from drying the mucous membranes. The mucolytics themselves only work if a lot of water is taken throughout the day.

So, if you don’t already do it as a general habit, remember that if you have a cough, drinking a lot during the day is the first way to get back in shape !

3. Honey

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Surely many of you will remember Grandma’s methods of treating sore throats, colds and other respiratory infections. One of these is honey .

Cough honey is a real cure-all. If you want to take it, you can dissolve it in milk, in an herbal tea or even just in a glass of hot water. You can also take it on its own with a spoon, and combine lemon and coconut oil for even more benefits.

It is science that honey is good for the throat. It is a food rich in enzymes, trace elements and antibiotic substances, which all together become a real cure-all for the respiratory tract, able to repel viruses and bacteria . In short, a natural remedy… and delicious!

4. Tea and herbal teas

Herbal tea
Herbal tea

How to cure cough in a pleasant way? With an herbal tea! Always referring to the fact that drinking a lot is good and helps fight coughs, a piece of advice is to also take herbal teas or hot drinks. There are so many that can immediately relieve our throat and decrease coughs, and one of these is thyme tea.

Thyme, thanks to the properties contained in its leaves, helps to soothe the cough by creating a relaxing effect in the muscles of the trachea , and decreasing the infection.

To prepare it, put some thyme leaves in a saucepan with boiling water to infuse for about 15 minutes. Once you have waited the necessary time , filter the water and add lemon, honey or sugar if you want.

5. Licorice


Licorice is also a cure-all for the throat and helps to disinfect the respiratory tract and therefore to heal from coughs. In these cases, the root is used which is used to prepare an herbal tea, which immediately acts on the bronchi, favoring the expulsion of phlegm more quickly.

With this natural remedy you will hire a drink without any risk of side effects, pleasing to the palate and with immediate effect. Seeing is believing!

6. Ginger

Ginger tea
Ginger tea

Among the best known cough remedies there is also ginger , a food with many beneficial properties for our body, and which even in cases of cough (especially oily) can become our most faithful ally .

This root , in fact, is the bearer of many secrets and benefits, including that of helping the dissolution of mucus and the consequent release of the bronchi .

It is a root that can be eaten raw grated, or that can be used to give life to infusions and herbal teas. To do this, infuse some slices of ginger (about fifteen) in a pot full of water. After about 20 minutes , pour the water into a cup and add honey, lemon, cinnamon or sugar.

In addition, its pungent and spicy taste will give immediate benefits to the throat, which could be irritated due to the cough.

7. Suffumigi for cough

Hair towel
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One of the most classic natural remedies to heal coughs is suffumigation. It is a practice with very ancient origins, which consists in breathing fumes from a container. In short, you take a towel, cover your head completely and finally lean over a boiling basin to breathe in the vapors, inside which we can also dissolve infusions, herbs or essential oils.

Perhaps you have already done it in other situations, perhaps for a facial cleansing and to facilitate the opening of the pores on the skin, but in reality the so-called cough fluids are a real cure-all.

These, in fact, help to thin the mucus and free the bronchi, speeding up the expulsion of phlegm from our body. It is a practice, therefore, which could lead to a more persistent and fatty cough as a first effect, but at the same time it could speed up the time to resolve the problem.

Effective action at best, put in the bowl two tablespoons of baking soda.

8. The syrup of figs

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This is an ancient remedy and it is especially useful in case of dry cough. It is fig syrup, a drink that can be easily prepared at home, and which in addition to giving immediate benefits to the problem, is also very good!

To prepare it, boil the figs in a pot filled with water until the liquid has reduced sufficiently. At that point, extract the syrup and store it in a jar.

Take one tablespoon in the morning, one in the middle of the day and one in the evening: in this way you will thin the phlegm and help the body to expel it earlier.

9. The hot water bottle

hot water bottle
hot water bottle

If you have used this method to combat stomach cramps, nausea or severe stomach ache, maybe not you know that a bowl full of warm water can also be an excellent remedy to soothe the cough, especially that night.

In case you want to opt for this method, take the boule and wrap it around a cloth, towel or blanket, then place it between the shoulder blades . The action performed by the heat will immediately act against the mucus and will immediately reduce the night cough.

You can practice this remedy during the night or even during the day, the important thing is you hire a lying and prone, so you can place the boule correctly.

10. Flax seeds


We conclude with a more outdated, but still effective method: poultices with flax seeds. This ancient grandmother’s method involves crushing the flax seeds until they are reduced to a flour, which is then combined with boiling water and used as a poultice.

Once you have obtained the seeds, mash them without soaking them first, so that they are dry. When you have obtained a powder, heat some water and when it reaches boiling , put the flour in it. The doses are about two tablespoons for every 200 ml of water.

When the mixture is ready, wrap it in a cloth and keep it on your chest , both during the day and during the night. The poultice, of course, will need to be warm .

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