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The 10 best natural remedies to treat and prevent hemorrhoids


Here are the best natural remedies for hemorrhoids: how to cure them, the symptoms, the causes and everything about nutrition and prevention of this disease.

Hemorrhoids are particularly vascularized pads that are located at the bottom of the anal canal and contribute to the maintenance of faecal continence, swelling or deflating according to different situations. These vascular structures are not perceived , except when they swell excessively, causing hemorrhoidal disease.

So the term we use for pathology, hemorrhoids, is actually incorrect. When these become inflamed and dilated excessively, these can cause annoying varices , which can be combated and prevented with numerous natural remedies. Let’s find out which ones, but first, let’s analyze in depth what they are and what the symptoms and causes of hemorrhoids are.

What are hemorrhoids and main causes

In common language we speak of hemorrhoids when we mean excessive swelling or inflammation of the pads themselves. There are two types of hemorrhoids: internal, which do not come out of the anus and usually occur above the sphincters that deal with regulating the opening and closing of the rectum, and external hemorrhoids, which can be seen with the naked eye and are usually characterized by a reddish color, sometimes tending to blue, and can be more or less soft depending on whether a clot has occurred or not.

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Have you ever wondered why hemorrhoids come? Do you think that according to some estimates it seems that to suffer from this disease is about 60% of the world population, and that it usually occurs after 50 years . As far as the female sex is concerned, it is also not uncommon to witness the phenomenon of hemorrhoids in pregnancy.

As for the causes, constipation , or in other words, constipation is certainly one of the most common factors. Upstream of the problem there may therefore be problems related to nutrition, including a diet low in fiber, but also an excessive consumption of foods that inflame the rectal mucosa , such as spices, alcohol, coffee or cocoa. The same irritation, on the other hand, can be caused by diarrhea.

Finally, an excessively sedentary lifestyle is also among the causes of hemorrhoids, as well as some sports that exert strong and continuous pressure in the rectal area, such as cycling .

The symptoms of hemorrhoids

It is not necessarily said that hemorrhoids generate discomfort, pain or other unpleasant symptoms. Sometimes, on the contrary, it happens to find following specific tests of internal hemorrhoids that have remained “silent” for a long time, without manifesting themselves through symptoms, but which are still to be treated.

In general, however, this is just a rare situation. Hemorrhoids, whether internal or external, usually cause several problems :

• Burning and a sense of discomfort
• Anal itching
• Sense of heaviness
Difficulty or pain in sitting
Pain during evacuation, which can also result in bleeding

How to cure hemorrhoids: the best natural remedies

Now let’s see how to treat hemorrhoid treatment: what to do in case they occur? There are many natural remedies and ways to relieve pain and discomfort, as well as to prevent or keep symptoms at bay. Obviously, our advice is to consult a doctor in any case, especially if the problem is chronic and recurrent .

Here are the best natural cures for hemorrhoids. Arm yourself with perseverance and patience, these DIY remedies will amaze you in no time!

1. Herbal teas for hemorrhoids

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A first way to relieve pain and try to improve the situation of hemorrhoids can be to take herbal teas that take advantage of specific properties that can counteract the problem. There are some foods that, if taken together with large quantities of water, can be useful against constipation , which as we have seen is one of the causes of the disease, or decrease the efforts for the act of defecation, another factor that affects a lot on inflammation of hemorrhoids.

Among the herbal teas that we suggest there are drinks based on fruit, roots or leaves, from blueberry, all’amamelide, the butcher’s broom to black currants through mallow or linseed. Choose the one you like best and prepare one cup in the morning and one in the evening.

2. Nutrition

Banana diet
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Hemorrhoids and nutrition are two things closely related to each other. In the case of hemorrhoids, the foods to avoid are especially spices, such as pepper, chilli, nutmeg, curry, etc., chocolate, coffee , tea and all spicy foods, as well as cold cuts and all those foods which are considered astringent , such as rice.

But in addition to the foods to avoid, is there a specific diet for hemorrhoids? Well, there are definitely foods that can help alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids, such as banana . Excellent to eat, thanks to the presence of potassium, an essential mineral , it will help you reduce the burning sensation. The latter, in fact, relieves the pressure on the veins of the rectum and relaxes the blood vessels. But be careful not to consume unripe bananas, which are astringent.

Even figs are the best known and recommended remedies for curing hemorrhoids. You have to soak 4 figs overnight and drink the water in the morning. An alternative is to prepare an infusion with fig leaves that will be applied directly on the hemorrhoids. The two can also be integrated .

3. Hot and cold packs.

Now let’s move on to a very simple practice, which you can easily adopt and without an exaggerated waste of time: hot and cold packs.

To calm the burning and relieve the swelling, you can make alternating compresses of cold water and hot water. By alternating the two temperatures on the inflamed parts , the circulation will improve and the hemorrhoids will heal faster.

Repeat this twice a day for a minimum of 10 minutes . You will see that in a short time, the discomfort and pain will be reduced evidently.

4. Aloe vera.

aloe vera to drink
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Preparing it at home is very simple , and its benefits will make you feel good in no time. We are talking about aloe vera gel, a product that gives relief and relieves itching, as well as being a soothing and anti-inflammatory assured.

This gel is made from aloe vera, an anti-inflammatory and healing plant useful for repairing tissues and increasing immune defenses, and is also obtained simply by cutting a leaf . In case you suffer from external hemorrhoids , you can apply it on the affected area to reduce itching and relieve pain. If, on the other hand, you suffer from internal hemorrhoids, the advice is to leave the gel to cool in the refrigerator and insert it in the rectum.

5. Witch hazel

Witch Hazel
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Plant equipped with anti-inflammatory properties, witch hazel is often used as a remedy for hemorrhoids, as well as skin diseases. This plant is able to fight skin inflammations thanks to its oropharyngeal action, and is commercially available in the form of ointment or alcoholic solution .

In case you want to apply it, make sure before you have kept the affected area clean and dry, then apply it externally (in the case of an ointment) or by wetting a clean cloth and dabbing repeatedly (if it were in the form of alcoholic solution).

Repeat the operation for a maximum of two times a day, but be careful not to be allergic to this plant: in this case you could experience irritation and severe itching in the area where you have applied it.

6. Cypress

In the case of hemorrhoids, one of the most effective oils is that of cypress, from which an essential oil with great anesthetic properties is obtained. The cypress is rich in flavonoids and polyphenols, two elements that are able to improve blood circulation from the first use.

Take two liters of warm water, pour it into a large bowl and add 15 drops of oil, then remain immersed for twenty minutes. Repeat this process in the morning and evening twice a day. You will see that the relief will be immediate!

7. Derivative baths

Hair towel
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The derivative bathrooms are a very common practice, a natural remedy against a large number of problems, including even hemorrhoids. In essence, the procedure is very simple and consists in cooling the groin area with sponges or with special pads which are first cooled and then put in contact with the body.

It may seem like a trivial remedy, but water is actually one of the most beneficial natural elements ever, and with these baths you will see that you will feel relief from the first time .

The procedure should be carried out at least 2 times a day for a minimum time of 15 minutes , maximum 20. Fill the bidet or a basin with cold (and not frozen) water and with a sponge repeat constant movements on the groin area. Make sure that the rest of the body is warm, and to do that you cover your feet well and shoulders. Also, make sure you don’t get your buttocks wet either.

8. Plum water

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Plum is a fruit bearing many properties and benefits for the body, and as is well known, it is an excellent natural remedy to combat constipation. But perhaps not everyone knows that the plum can also be helpful to prevent hemorrhoids, or to fight them if they are already formed.

With this fruit you can prepare the plum water, which is made by leaving the prunes to soak overnight (as for the doses, use about twice the water than the volume of the plums). Once you have waited for the necessary time, filter it and consume it in the morning before having breakfast on an empty stomach .

Clearly, don’t throw away the plums! Also eat those during a snack, snack or breakfast !

9. Calendula

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Among the most used remedies is calendula, a herbaceous plant which is also known as fiorrancio , due to its marked orange color. This plant is very rich in Vitamin C , mucilage, carotenoids, flavonoids and saponins and can be used to create infusions or in the form of ointment.

The infusion of calendula is mainly used to relieve the aches and pains caused by hemorrhoids, performing a soothing, antibacterial and healing action at the same time. Take a hot cup in the morning and one in the evening until you see improvements .

As for the ointment, however, you can easily find it on the market.

10. Bach flowers

Bach flowers
Bach flowers

Finally, Bach flowers can be used to treat hemorrhoids, of which there are many versions on the market, including a cream that can be used to massage the affected area. This natural cure is part of Bach’s healing method devised by dr. Edward Bach, who supported the use of some floral remedies capable of changing negative mental states, starting from the principle that “illness is the concretization of a mental attitude”.

In this case, according to the theory, we would therefore act more on the mental state than on the real physical state. Certainly a particular and unusual method.

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