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The 10 foods richest in flavonoids to keep the body young


Keeping your body young and fit is much easier if you consume foods rich in flavonoids. Here’s how to do it following the right diet.

To be able to have a young and energetic body, the best thing is to choose to consume the right foods, such as the 10 foods richest in flavonoids. These elements are a set of plant pigments , rich in nutrients and beneficial properties, first of all the presence of natural antioxidants. This component is able to counteract the aging process and the action of free radicals . So let’s try to understand which are the 10 foods richest in flavonoids and what benefits they bring.

The benefits of flavonoids

Flavonoids bring countless benefits to the body, including the aforementioned large amount of antioxidants. But the merits of these elements do not end there. In fact, flavonoids, and the foods that contain them, have a positive effect on blood circulation , acting as protectors of the smallest blood vessels.

They also contribute to the proper functioning of the liver and to make the skin more resistant to ultraviolet rays. They also give a real edge to the immune system, also helping us to maintain physical fitness . Now that we understand all the benefits of flavonoids, let’s see which are the 10 foods richest in this substance.

Foods rich in flavonoids: spinach and onions

Among the ten foods richest in flavonoids in the first place we certainly find spinach . Although not everyone loves this vegetable, you should know that they are a real cure-all for the body . In fact, they contain a lot of fiber and vitamin K.


The large percentage of flavonoids then makes spinach an excellent ally to counteract the aging of the skin and organism , as well as regulate the rhythm of the intestine. Onions are also an extremely rich food in flavonoids, but in particular the red onion is the variety that contains the most of them.

Kiwis and blueberries

These two foods are often underestimated, perhaps because not everyone is aware of the many benefits of these fruits. First of all, the high concentration of flavonoids makes them excellent for strengthening the body and the immune system , without considering that kiwifruit and blueberries are rich in vitamin C and other nutrients.

This, together with the percentages of flavonoids, makes these foods perfect for preventing diseases of the nervous system , circulation and counteracting disorders related to metabolism. They are also low in calories and have anticancer properties.

Kiwi smoothie
Kiwi smoothie

Dark chocolate and buckwheat

In addition to being one of the most loved products by gourmands, dark chocolate is also one of the 10 foods richest in flavonoids. It is therefore a delight for the palate and the body, since the elements contained in chocolate help to fight stress and lift the mood, avoiding moments of melancholy.

Buckwheat is also one of the foods that more than others contain high concentrations of flavonoids. If you want to take advantage of the benefits offered by this food, you can buy or produce buckwheat-based bread and pasta . Not only will you be able to counteract aging thanks to the effect of flavonoids, but you will be consuming a healthy, nutritious and much less caloric product than the production of complex flour.

Red wine and green tea

Now let’s see what are the drinks that more than others contain high percentages of flavonoids. We are talking about red wine and green tea, two products that are certainly very good, but which must be consumed in moderation . Especially in the case of red wine, the quantities must be regulated, in order not to risk causing the onset of diseases.

But a glass of red wine a day can offer many benefits, including an antioxidant action and capable of improving circulation. Green tea also contributes to the health of our body, and for this reason it is one of the 10 foods richest in flavonoids. In fact, it helps to counteract the action of free radicals and aging.

Lettuce, cabbage and broccoli

Lettuce, cabbage and broccoli are among the richest vegetables in naturally occurring flavonoids and antioxidants. This trio of foods is a true source of vegetable pigments , essential for the body and to slow down aging. In addition, cabbage and broccoli are basic ingredients for many recipes, including soups and broths, and are a real panacea for the health of the body.

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