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The 10 foods you shouldn’t keep in the fridge


You probably also make some mistakes in fixing the shopping: did you know that these foods should not be put in the refrigerator?

When we go home from the supermarket loaded with shopping bags, the first thought is to correctly arrange each purchase in its place. And inevitably many foods end up in the refrigerator, to ensure that they keep better and longer. But is it really so? In fact, there are foods that maintain their nutritional qualities unaltered only if kept out of the fridge. Let’s find out what they are.

Food that should never be kept in the refrigerator

We always thought it was very important how to store food in the fridge in the correct way, but we forgot that some products would be better in the pantry, at room temperature. Others even benefit from the outdoors . Here is a list of foods you shouldn’t put in the refrigerator.

1- Tomatoes

Low temperatures do indeed help with conservation, but they also interrupt their maturation, thus altering their flavor and consistency. Much better to put tomatoes in an outdoor basket, as long as they are in a sheltered and clean place.

2- Oranges

Being very juicy fruits, it is better that the storage takes place at room temperature. In this way the oranges will remain softer and keep their flavor intact. Furthermore, the citric acid, of which they are rich, would risk being altered by low temperatures.

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3- Avocado

If you love tropical fruit , remember not to refrigerate avocado . Since it comes from far away, this fruit is still unripe. The cold blocks its maturation, making it dark and soft.

4- Potatoes

Whatever they are (white, yellow, red, sweet …), the potatoes should be placed in a box in a dry and dark place , wrapped in paper so that they do not undergo the action of humidity. It is better to have a place below, where the kitchen vapors do not come.

5- Garlic and onions

In the fridge, these two foods risk sprouting and rotting too quickly. In particular, garlic should be placed in a drawer, well protected from moisture . Onions can instead be stored outdoors or near the window.

6- Basil

Unlike what we are led to think, basil should not be stored at low temperatures, to prevent it from losing its aroma. The best way to preserve its qualities would be to grow it in a jar. Otherwise you can keep it in bunches , keeping it in a dry and sheltered place.

7- Bread

Other than keeping it longer: the bread, in the refrigerator, first becomes spongy and shortly thereafter dries out irreparably . Try placing it in a cotton bag and you will notice the difference.

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8- Eggs

Despite the special space reserved for eggs, these should not be kept in the fridge, as they would lose their original flavor. On the other hand, storage times do not vary if you leave the eggs in the pantry, so why give up the taste?

9- Chocolate

In summer, to prevent it from melting, we put bars and chocolates in the refrigerator. Wrong choice, because these foods immediately lose their flavor. So continue to keep them in the pantry, possibly away from heat sources .

10- Coffee

The aroma of coffee is something sublime, and it would be a shame to give it up. The first rule to avoid losing its flavor is to keep it away from the cold and light sources.

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