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The 2021 Spa Bonus is here: what it is and how it works!

Girl at the spa

Mise announces the arrival of the 2021 Spa Bonus: an incentive to help a sector hard hit by Covid. Let’s see how it works and how to request it.

The Covid pandemic, which has brought the internal world to its knees since 2020, is challenging many commercial categories that remained closed during the lockdown, even afterwards and which now see few customers arriving worried about a possible contagion . Among the restaurants, bars and other services, spas also join this category.

To try to give new life to this commercial category, in August 2021 the Mise Spa 2021 was announced, a contribution to encourage visitors to visit the centers and restart the economy in this sector as well. In fact, the spas are a panacea for the health and psychophysical well-being of an individual, in the spas there are many services such as massages, salt baths and more: this is why the incentive is a good chance to take care of yourself without fee.

What is the Bonus Terme 2021 and to whom it is addressed

The Spa Bonus was established by a decree by the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti , with which 53 million euros are allocated to incentivize the purchase of spa services in Italy by all citizens of age and residing in the Belpaese.

Girl at the spa
Girl at the spa

the Bonus corresponds to a 100% discount on the service, and can reach up to 200 euros . Everyone can request it, in fact there are no income limits or limits related to the family unit. On the Mise website, we read that each citizen will be entitled to only one bonus for a single purchase.

But when will this 2021 Spa Bonus arrive? Also on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development we read: “With a notice published on the websites of the Ministry of Economic Development and Invitalia, the entity managing the measure, the opening of bonus bookings will be communicated” .

How the Spa Bonus works and how to request it

Once you understand what it consists of and to whom it is addressed, let’s see how to request it. Every citizen, in fact, must book at an accredited spa and the latter will issue the booking certificate as the norm. Once the bonus has been used, the accredited spa must request Invitalia to reimburse the voucher used by the customer.

Attention: the reservation made for the spa service will be valid for a maximum of 60 days , not one more and not one less. Therefore you must use the service by the expiry date of the validity of the reservation.

Spa bonus 2021: affiliated facilities

But which are the accredited bodies? A list of the structures is not yet known, however Mise states that the complete list will be published on its official website and on Invitalia to start bookings until all the funds allocated are used up.

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