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Three High protein diets really effective for a fast weight loss

High protein diets are the most effective way to lose weight quickly. Let’s see which one are the most famous.

High protein diets are very effective for a fast weight loss, and offer stable results over time. In fact proteins, unlike carbohydrates, have less calories and are not stored in our body for a long time. Excess proteins are eliminated quickly, while exceeding carbs turn into body fat.

Proteins are very filling and have the ability to satisfy hunger. The feel of hunger is one of the main reasons of abandon in many diets. Another good reason to follow a high protein diet is that it stimulates thermogenesis, burning many more calories than a normal meal.

Let’s see which one are the most famous and effective to try. But remember: every diet should be followed under medical control.

High protein diets for weight loss: which one are the best

– The Atkins Diet. The most famous high-protein diet is the Atkins diet, developed in the Seventies by cardiologist Robert Coleman Atkins. This diet is divided in 2 phases: in the first you completely remove carbohydrates and greatly reduce the use of vegetables. Proteins (like meat, mollusks, crustaceans, fish) can be consumed without limitations. In the second phase, the carbohydrates and vegetables are reintroduced gradually. The purpose of the first phase is to burn all the reserves of body fat, and lose quickly weight. The second phase, instead, serves to maintain the obtained results.

– The Zone diet. The Zone diet was conceived in the United States by biochemist Berry Sears. Its purpose , besides weight loss, is the achievement of mental and physical health, through the control of blood glucose, of cholesterol and hormones. This is not a real 100% protein diet, because it is based on the balance of the macronutrients that need to be taken in a 40-30-30 ratio (40% of calories made from carbs, 30% from fats, 30% from protein). Also, Zone diet advices physical activity and stress control.

– Dukan Diet. The Dukan diet was created by nutritionist Pierre Dukan, and it is divided in four phases: Attack Phase, which lasts from 3 to 10 days, during which you eat only proteins (red and white meat, fish, seafood, dairy products). Cruise Phase, which has a variable duration, during which you add the vegetables to the proteins, except rice, pasta and farinaceous (beans, peas, lentils, potatoes, corn).  Consolidation phase: all foods are gradually reintroduced. Then Stabilization phase, during which we can eat everything again, except on  Thursday, that should be “protein” for the whole life. Also, you have to eat 3 tablespoons a day of bran and oats.


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